Wouldn’t This Be a Good Thing?

From the Bigoted things said by people in funny hats Department comes the following, courtesy of MSN:

Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, isn’t putting it gently. In his Sunday service at a church in Moscow’s Red Square, he said that when countries start to recognize same-sex marriages, they’re shoving the rest of us closer to the apocalypse. “This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom,” he told worshippers at the Kazan Cathedral. “We must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Kirill’s church as “the guardian of Russia’s national values.”

Now I am not going to spend much time making fun of his silly hat, or that fact that he looks absolutely fabulous.  I will leave that to the crew over at the Cognitive Dissonance podcast, who spend a fair amount of time doing just that in their latest episode.

I will post this picture,


just to point out that in the year 2013 a large number of people are allowing their views on sexual morality to be shaped by gay Santa Claus and his bearded, black robed, mourning elves.  Seriously, Gandalf, I thought you were a white wizard, not a flaming wizard, and did Frodo and Sam’s relationship really sour you that much on homosexual love?  Isn’t what two hobbits do in the privacy of their hobbit hole the business of no one but them?  You’d think that gay marriage would just give you more opportunities to fire off your fireworks and recruit hobbits for your quests.

Anyway, I am always somewhat perplexed by Christians who cite something or other as bringing us one step closer to the apocalypse as a bad thing.  I mean, doesn’t that mean Jesus came back?  Isn’t that what they want?  For some beliefs, that would mean they have already been raptured to their front row seat to watch sinners burn.  Other beliefs aren’t quite so hateful, but still, most of them agree that Apocalypse = Jesus coming back!

Have you ever had discussions with the infuriating type of religious person who says that there is no reason to try to change things, cause Jesus is coming back soon anyway?  Or the lovely bunch that want Jews to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, just so it will fulfill prophecy and bring about the end times?  Why aren’t these people marching arm in arm with the LGBT community demanding gay marriage?  The next time some fundy tells me they are against gay marriage, I am just going to ask them why, all the sooner til you get to watch us sinners burn.

*sigh*  It is 2013 and the “guardian of Russia’s national values,” is a bigot who believes in the Apocalypse.  I wonder if he also believes in Unicorns, fairies, and the legitimacy of Putin’s election?


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