Something to Hear….

I started listening to a new podcast this week and wanted to share it with my readers, but when I went to add the link to the site I realized that I have been a bad, naughty, neglectful atheist when it came to sharing podcast links.  I always tried to keep up with my blogroll, but even podcasts I listen to religiously weren’t anywhere to be found.  Strange when you consider that, thanks to my job, I listen to around 7 hours of podcasts a night.
So now you will find, under my blogroll, a section dedicated to podcasts that I listen to and recommend.  I’m not going to fill the list right now, I barely have enough time to blog, let alone link and describe every podcast I download, but I will try to add a few links when ever I have a few minutes.  If you have any must hear podcasts, I’d love to check them out. 

Listening to Cognitive Dissonance last week I got turned on to a podcast I wasn’t aware of, The Scathing Atheist.   The interview with the host on CogDis was enough to get me to set MediaMonkey to grab a few episodes, and while walking the Chow today I broke my Scathing Atheist cherry.  Let me just say that I am thankful I walk my dog early in the morning, because anyone else who happened to be in the park would have thought I lost what is left of my mind.  I was laughing so hard that my dog, Princess Hyuna Anastasia, stopped chasing a squirrel long enough to cock her head and look at me like she was debating slowly backing away.

Anyway, here is a link to the site: The Scathing Atheist.  It is a look at news items and current issues from an atheist perspective, it is extremely funny, and it is definitely not for the fence sitters.  It is not intended to change anyone’s mind, it is intended to entertain atheists, and it is very competent at fulfilling that goal.  It is vulgar and no topic seems off limits to be twisted into a joke, but to me at least they are good at staying on the tastelessly funny, I-can’t-believe-they-just-said-that, shock value to drive a point home side of the line instead of the meh, I-can’t-believe-they-just-said-that, shock value for no reason other than to be “edgy”, it takes a ton to offend me but I actually think I may be offended side of the line.  Like CogDis, it seems like jokes I would make with friends with similar worldviews.  You never get the uncomfortable feeling that misogyny or homophobia could be found by digging a little deeper.  YMMV.  Some people get offended by the use of the word “crazy.”  Everyone has differing opinions.  For me, CogDIs and The Scathing Atheist stay on the good side of this line while The Ardent Atheist and Leighton era Irreligiosophy sometimes crossed over it.  I’m sure many people would disagree with me on that.

Okay.  Went kinda off on a tangent there.  Back on point, if you like uncensored comedy, listen to an episode of The Scathing Atheist.  If you are already a fan of CogDis, then you need to immediately download the whole archives of The Scathing Atheist.  Get to it!


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