Speaking of Podcasts….

While we are on the subject, any suggestions for liberal progressive political podcasts that are honest and not echo chambers of the company line would be quite welcomed.  I used to listen to The Liberal Oasis radio show and podcast until their reaction to the NSA spying scandal could be summed up as; “Calm down, its only your privacy!  And it is Obama taking it from you, not some nasty Republican who would use the information for naughty purposes.  Obama will only use it to stop terrorism.  How can you be against stopping terrorism?  Its no big deal.  What is a little privacy?  Stop over-reacting!”

If the exact same scandal would have broken during W’s time in the White House, does anyone really believe for half a second that Bill Scher would have had the same reaction?  Is there really any doubt that the entire “Stabby Five” would have consisted of Traci Olson ranting against Bush and anyone else connected with the scandal?  Sorry, I can not stand it when Republicans have this double standard, I am not going to take if from Democrats either.  Wrong is wrong, whether it is a wrong committed by our side or theirs.  Period.  I am glad that Obama is president, especially when compared with the alternative, and he has been strong on getting rid of DADT , his evolved support of marriage equality, and not backing down on his “embarrassment that is still somehow better than the old system” healthcare law. (Can we please enter the civilized world and get a single payer system already?  Obamacare is not a solution, it is a band-aid that will cover the wound for a while until we finally admit we need single payer.)  But he is a horrible president when it comes to amassing power to the Executive branch.  His views on the rights of Government to keep things from those it governs, apart from all his promises to the contrary,  is just as far to the right as those of Bush, if not even farther.

Pointing this out doesn’t make me a traitor to my party.  It makes me honest.  I don’t want to listen to cheerleaders gloss over his record on these issues when they would be crucifying the other side for the same transgressions, because then I can’t believe anything that comes out of their mouth.


One thought on “Speaking of Podcasts….

  1. Totally agree. No one is ever going to be my perfect prez, and I’m daily amazed Obama is still there after all the racism and stonewalling, but the maintaining of bush-era atrocities in the name of security is just plain wrong. We complained when bush did it, and it is good to complain now.

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