Stan Solomon is a Good, Decent Christian

I have to admit something.  As more and more of these people just seem to go off the rails crazy, I can not help but worry about things that could happen.  As I’ve mentioned several times, I live in a very conservative area, and I have never been known to hold my tongue about any issues.  Sure, at the moment, I blog semi-anonymously, but I do not live semi-anonymously, and every day on my morning walk with my Chow, I pass 2 gun shops and a minimum of 7 cars covered with anti-Obama, anti-liberal, pro-gun bumper stickers.  Everything from “I love my .40,” to “Impeach Obama,” to “Abortion Providers Will Burn in Hell,” to a copyright violating image of Calvin urinating on the “O” in Obama.  While we don’t agree politically, I want to think the best of my neighbors.  Don’t we all?  But as the rhetoric coming from the right becomes more and more hate filled and starts walking the fine line between political speech and incitement to violence, I have to say that I find myself looking over my shoulder at times, and changing my route to avoid certain houses.  We already know, if we pay attention to these things, that right wing Christian terrorism is a much bigger threat to us than radical Islamic terrorism at the moment.   How much fire are these right wing shock jocks playing with?  Are they just after ratings, or do they honestly believe the hate they fill the air with?  If they, like Rush, are just whores for the ratings, what kind of cognitive dissonance jumping jacks are their minds going to have to perform when one of their listeners takes them seriously and kills a few liberals who must be agents of the communist homosexual Muslim race war against the white Christians?

Which brings us to today’s Good, Decent Christian of the Day, Stan Solomon.  If your first response upon reading that name was, like mine, “who?”, well Stan Solomon is a conservative talk show host who interviews many of the big names in batshit insanity;  Phyllis Schlafly, E.W. Jackson, Larry Pratt and Alan Keyes .  “In honor” of the March on Washington, Mr. Solomon hosted a special “Race in America” program that featured bigotry, wingnuttery, homophobia, paranoid delusions, and everything else you have come to know and love about today’s right.  As RightWingWatch reports:

Solomon used the occasion to deliver an epic rant accusing Jews, gays, African Americans and Muslims of being pawns of the Satanic left, hailing the murder of Trayvon Martin and announcing that he hopes “that faggot” Dan Savage dies.

Now I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking “they must be exaggerating, there is no way this guy actually said all that shit on air. ”  You would be so wrong.  In his own words, take it away, Mr. Solomon:

Listen to me carefully. No you don’t, kiss my Obama, I don’t give a damn what you do, I know what I’m going to do and I know what people with an ‘I’ and a ‘Q’ are going to do. The left, which is godless and serves Satan, has an agenda. To accomplish their agenda they have to get idiots, morons, numbnuts to do stupid things so the focus will be on them and not on the libs, not on the leftists. Jews, homosexuals, blacks, gays, Islamists, you may think they’re disparate groups, they’re not, they’re all tools. Because while we’re mad at these two punks, we’re mad at Trayvon Martin, that thug that deserves to be dead and I’m glad he’s dead.

Pieces of crap, homosexuals like what’s that one guy’s name? [Dan] Savage. That faggot. That horrible, awful, terrible excuse for a human being who is at the White House promoting attacks on Christians. I hope he dies — he probably will — of every disease known. By the way, I’m sending him a fire hydrant for his birthday, I’m hoping he’ll sit on it; he’ll slide all the way down to the ground. Sorry fire hydrant fans, I don’t mean to insult fire hydrants.

At any rate, do you understand what I’m saying here? These groups are being recruited. Environmentalists, nuclear freeze, it doesn’t make a difference what group it is. If you put anything ahead of doing what’s right in God’s eyes, or better yet ignoring the reality of God, then you’re a tool, you’re a useful idiot.

Solomon was far from finished:

Solomon then called on his white viewers to buy guns to protect themselves against black and Latino “terrorists.”

“If you’re white, you’re a target,” Solomon contended. “Get a gun, know how to use it, never be without it and don’t leave your family unprotected.” He warned that black and Latino public school and college students are “terrorists in training” who are “being taught” to hate white people.

“You have to go to college and admit, ‘Oh if you’re white it’s unfair.’ Pretend like you’re black, pretend like you’re a homosexual, which means you are sick and stupid and ignorant and going to die, early,” Solomon continued.

“If somebody comes at you—I don’t give a damn if you’re white, black, pink or purple—and you’re not sure, shoot him and find out later. It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

Even after all that it wasn’t finished.  No, he had some racist jokes about the First Lady to throw in as well.  Rightwingwatch has the video if you want to watch it and piss yourself off.

Hey Republicans?  Hey Christians?  Don’t you think its past time to let this fringe know it is not mainstream?  More and more the loudest voices coming from the right belong to people like this, and your silence gives them strength.  They expect people like me and sites like Right Wing Watch are against them; what they need to know is that their supposed allies are as well.  Otherwise, this radicalization of your party, of your religion will lead to larger problems later down the road.  Don’t tell me all Christians aren’t like this.  Don’t tell me all Tea Party supporters aren’t like this.  Tell them.

Unless this is the new mainstream.


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