Reason 4326 Not to Prohibit Substances People Want:

Yahoo! has a good, old fashioned, scare story on the dangers of the club drug known as “molly” posted currently, but as is the case with most scare pieces, that ugly little secret known as truth still manages to come out somehow:

Molly — the innocuous street name for a drug linked to at least three fatal overdoses in the past month — sounds more like someone’s great-aunt than an illegal substance. A better name for the designer drug, according to both drug enforcement and medical experts, would be “Russian Roulette.” “When a buyer abuses something called Molly, there’s no way to tell what’s in it,” Rusty Payne, a spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency told Yahoo Shine. “That’s the most dangerous thing about these drugs.”

Really?  That is the most dangerous thing about “these drugs”?  Then I guess the only rational response is to force the suppliers to manufacture the drugs in illegal laboratories with no purity standards or quality control.  I mean, after all, we are only one more drug bust away from winning the war on drugs and ending drug abuse in America, right?

Look.  We know prohibition doesn’t work.  We’ve tried it with alcohol, and we are trying it now for drugs with horrible results all over America.  People want to get high.  As long as people want to get high, people will be willing to risk breaking the law for the incredible profit opportunity the black market provides.  Drug abuse is a problem, but it is far past time to quit labeling all drug use as abuse.

Without a doubt, regardless of the substance, the two biggest dangers of using any drug are the law breaking required to obtain it, and the complete ignorance of what is actually contained in the product.  It is time we switch to an education and harm reduction model.  Cripple the black market while controlling purity and quality and you cut the drug problem in half if not more instantly.  Then we can spend all the money we save at reeducation of those employed in the drug war, treatment for those who have drug problems, and honest education of the real risks of drug use.

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  Go get educated.


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