The IOC Can Eat a Bag of Dicks.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a story on the International Olympic Committee continuing to smear feces all over itself as it copes with the fallout of awarding the Winter Games to a nation right out of Tony Perkins’ wet dreams:

The Russian Olympic organizing committee is asking the IOC to help them calm the furor over the new Russian law that forbids “homosexual propaganda,” which they’ve interpreted as being even acknowledging that one is gay in public. And the IOC, like good little lapdogs, is hopping right to it.

The head of the Sochi Olympics asked the IOC on Sunday to help “stop this campaign and this speculation” related to the anti-gay law that has been overshadowing preparations for next year’s Winter Games in Russia.

A senior IOC member, meanwhile, said sponsors are “afraid” of the fallout of possible demonstrations in Sochi.

“I think this could ruin a lot for all of us,” marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg said. “We have to be prepared.”

IOC President Jacques Rogge said the Olympic body will remind athletes to refrain from any protests or political gestures during the Feb. 7-23 Sochi Games.

Fuck the IOC.  These athletes have been training their whole lives to earn the honor of competing in the Olympics, and now not only do the GLBTQ athletes and their straight allies have to compete in a nation that openly discriminates against homosexuals, but now they can’t even speak out about it?  Because the sponsors are afraid of possible fallout?

Bullshit.  It is 2013, not 19 fucking 50.  The games should have been taken from Sochi as soon as this law went into effect.  Since the IOC didn’t have the ovaries to pull the games out of Russia, the entire Olympic Village should be flying rainbow flags.

Back to Dispatches:

Awww, how terrible. It might cost money if sponsors don’t want to be associated with those who apologize for oppression. My heart is bleeding buckets for them.

He said the Russian government had made clear the law would not affect the games, and he urged the IOC to convey the message to “those who are still trying to speculate on this very transparent and very clear topic.”

“It’s very important to have your support to stop this campaign and this speculation regarding this issue,” Chernyshenko said.

Then why the need to tell the athletes not to speak out about it? If the law is not going to be applied, then there should be no reason to warn the athletes not to wave rainbow flags during the opening ceremonies or not to speak out against the law in other ways.

I, for one, won’t be watching the Olympics because of their location.  I won’t even watch curling, and I always watch curling.  Hell, I won’t even watch Russian porn anymore.  Wild Russia came on National Geographic and I turned Mermaids: The Body Found on instead, so you know I’m fucking serious.





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