Let’s Play a Round of “Offensive Analogies” with Special Guest, PA Gov. Tom Corbett!

While Pennsylvania reliably turns blue during Presidential elections, the vast swaths of Pennsyltucky that make up the center of the state transform us in off year elections, making us anything from a swing state to a clone of Alabama, depending on how much of the electorate decided voting in an election without a Presidential choice isn’t sexy or worth their time.  Since conservatives relish every opportunity to vote, a trait I so wish more people left of center would develop, a minority of registered voters becomes a majority of people who bothered showing up, leading to results such as the infamous Senator Rick Santorum, and our current political embarrassment, Governor Tom Corbett.

For those of you who are unaware, Pennsylvania’s ban on same sex marriage is currently being challenged in the courts.  Good ole Corbett is defending the law since it is such a pressing state interest to discriminate against those evil homosexuals, and in court filings Corbett’s lawyers compared gay marriage to marrying children, as you do, since both actions are against the law in the state.

Just a quick time out…  What is it with bigots and their absolute refusal to understand the concept of consent?  Practically every argument against marriage equality includes some form of slippery slop or reduction to the absurd where allowing gay marriage results in people marrying their hamster, pedophiles marrying their neighbors 6 year old daughter, and the creepy guy who you never see during the day marrying 7 corpses he dug up from the local graveyard last night.  At least he stays busy, am I right?

Marriage equality simply allows consenting adults the right to enter into the legally binding contract that is named “marriage,” and benefit from the legal privileges such as hospital visitation, inheritance, spousal inclusion on health insurance, and many others.  See that?  Two consenting adults.  I can’t hit Steve over the head with a brick, drag him to the justice of the peace and force him to gay marry me just because it is legal.  CONSENT!  Children can not consent.  Non-human animals can not consent.  Fresh corpses can not consent.

No matter what form this argument takes, it is always a logical fallacy of some sort.  Makes you realize how little the opponents of marriage equality have when they keep returning to the same debunked talking points, doesn’t it?  Okay, back to the main story….

People saw this comparison and when presented with the opportunity, decided to ask our noble Governor about it.  From the HuffPo:

Corbett was on WHP-TV in Harrisburg when an anchor asked about a statement his lawyers made in a recent court filing, comparing the marriage of gay couples to the marriage of children because neither can legally wed in the state.

“It was an inappropriate analogy, you know,” Corbett said. “I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?”

I will pause a moment for you to realize what a fine example of humanity us Pennsylvanians are blessed to have as our Governor.



The bigot just compared homosexual relationships to sibling incest.

The bigot just corrected one offensive analogy with a equally offensive analogy.  And he probably thought he was scoring political points when he said it, and the sad thing is, if the moderates and the left stays home next year like usual, this bigotry could actually help him get reelected.

Anyway, in honor of Gov. Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania’s embarrassment and a perfect example of a politician squeezing all the political points he can out of bigotry and hate before the demographic shift forces the GOP to find a new strategy or cease being relevant, I give you a few other “inappropriate analogies.”

Having Tom Corbett as your Governor is a lot like having Jerry Sandusky as your child’s football coach.

Voting for Tom Corbett for Governor is like fucking your sibling.  You have to be black out drunk to do it, the whole time it is happening you keep asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” the very idea makes you want to throw up, and when it is over you hate yourself for doing it, make a deal never to admit that it happened, and try to blot the memory out of your mind.

Attending a fund raiser for Tom Corbett is a lot like attending a Klan rally.  At least the Klan lets you stay anonymous.

Voting for Tom Corbett for Governor and expecting him to be an elected official who puts the good of the State and its people ahead of partisan squabbles, his own career ambitions, and his rich white man bigotry is kind of like going to a sleazy adult bookstore, heading back to the viewing booths, sticking your penis in a glory hole and expecting a woman to be on the other side.

Gov. Tom Corbett is like Rick Santorum and Todd Akin.  Bigots who will hopefully be irrelevant soon.

Tom Corbett is like George Wallace.  ‘Nuff said.

I know.  Those are all inappropriate.  I am very sorry.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Round of “Offensive Analogies” with Special Guest, PA Gov. Tom Corbett!

    • Joe “I’m only asking questions” Rogan should really stick to MMA commentary. Personally, I think Dr. Tyson gives Rogan a bit too much credit, but hey, that’s me. There is a difference between urging people to ask questions and actually think about subjects, and just endorsing the conspiratorial worldview and pseudoscientific claims at every opportunity while hiding behind the “I’m just the guy asking questions” schtick.

      Perhaps if Joe wouldn’t have built his reputation as “the guy who asks questions” on a subject as incredibly idiotic as the supposed moon landing hoax, I would be more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But Joe doesn’t teach people to question the official story, he teaches them to deny the official story at all costs. The moon hoax was a dead horse when Joe got a hold of it, and he beat that horse until it was a parrot in a Monty Python sketch. Since we can now see the landing sites on the moon from orbit, I assume he moved on to a new horse. If not, that is just sad.

      I won’t listen to this interview, but I will give an episode of his Syfy show a try, just to see what approach he is taking now. With the other shows in the Syfy lineup, I don’t have much hope.

      Wait. What the fuck does this have to do with Tom Corbett? Dammit J, if it doesn’t have anything to do with any posts, fosterdisbelief@gmail.com

      Having Tom Corbett as your governor is a lot like being a contestant on Joe Rogan’s Fear Factor. You have to face your darkest fears and choke down a lot of disgusting bullshit. At least on Fear Factor you get a prize if you win.

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