Post #400! Some Christians Honestly Believe, and Others are Calculating Con-Artists Using People’s Faith to Rob Them of Every Cent Possible. Guess Which One Pat Robertson Is?

In disgusting human being news, I give you Pat Robertson, host of the 700 Club, engaging in a stomach turning bit of victim blaming as he assures an old lady that Christians who tithe properly are protected from all health problems, which obviously means her husband’s health issues are their own fault for not giving enough of their limited income to her church and the 700 Club.  From Right Wing Watch:

Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told an elderly viewer who has been tithing since childhood that she wouldn’t have health issues, and therefore medical expenses, if she was tithing properly. The viewer said that she and her husband are “retired and living on a small pension and Social Security income” and “barely have any money” because of her husband’s medical expenses.

She asked Robertson if it would be “wrong to use [tithe] money towards medical expenses instead?”

Seeing that Robertson insisted that even people about to fall into bankruptcy must continue to tithe, we were not surprised that Robertson told the viewer no. In fact, Robertson went as far as to say that as long as she tithes she will stay healthy and as a result not even encounter medical bills.

Citing Malachi, Robertson said: “Your husband has all these medical problems because the ‘devour’ has not been rebuked. You need to rebuke him. You give your tithes faithfully and God said, ‘I will rebuke the devour,’ the person that is eating up your money and eating up your health. So you want to be healthy? That’s a promise in the Word.”

What a charlatan.  It is bad enough watching people with limited incomes give money they can’t really afford away to a church, especially when it is a mega-church with a pastor who rides around in a limo.  But hey, if that is what people want to do with their money, if it makes them feel like they are doing something good, then who am I to judge?  I know my own mother is not exactly what you would call “rich,” yet her yearly tithing to the Catholic church is always paid.

What pisses me off is when these pastors or churches start making outlandish claims about the benefit of tithing.  Prosperity gospel preachers who insist that if you send them your money, enough that it hurts, then God will reward you tenfold with earthly riches.  Con men like Robertson here who tell people God will protect them from all illness as long as the check is in the mail and there are enough zeros.

Look at the spiritual abuse Robertson is smacking this poor woman with.  She has given to the church for her entire life and she doesn’t consider it a burden, rather she takes pleasure in it.  She feels like she is doing what God wants her to do by giving to the church.  Now after retirement, her and her husband are on fixed incomes and his medical bills are putting a financial burden on their household.  So she asks Robertson if it would be okay if she gave less money during this period of hardship.  Not that she wanted to quit giving all together, she just wanted to cut down the amount so they weren’t facing as many money issues.  And his response?  Not only is it not okay to give less, but you need to give more since those who tithe are protected from health issues.  Since her husband has health issues, obviously they haven’t been giving enough money.  This is a faithful Christian who has lived her whole life trying to do the right thing being told by Robertson than her husband is sick because they haven’t been giving enough money to the church.  How does anyone read that and not want to punch him?  It is spiritual blackmail and a “no lose” con game.  If you tithe enough, God will protect you from all illness.  Oh, you got sick?  Guess you aren’t tithing enough.  No matter how much you give, the reality of health problems will always creep in, letting you know that you still aren’t giving enough money to the Lord, until you inevitably die broke, or recognize the con.

But hey, as long as you send in the money and believe, God can do anything.  Robertson knows of cases where people’s eyeballs regenerated, new teeth appeared, and limbs were magically regrown due to the power of the Lord.  Of course, Pat doesn’t pray for stuff that fantastic on the show, probably because he saves stuff like that for people who cut him really big checks.  And maybe because no one can grow new limbs, teeth, or eyeballs.  Once again, from Right Wing Watch:

Pat Robertson got a bit defensive in answering a question from a viewer today about why he does not “ever pray for God to replace limbs” during the show’s prayer segment. In the segment, Robertson and his co-host announce various medical healings and financial gifts that they claim God is giving out “like Santa Claus.”

Robertson told the viewer that he knows stories of people who have had an eyeball “recreated,” grown new teeth and regenerated a leg, but he insisted that he does not pray on the show for limbs to grow back because “these are all creative miracles and what we’re praying for is healing,” whatever that means.

“It’s a different level of faith,” Robertson said, “Don’t sit on your couch and give us grief because we’re not praying for legs to grow for Heaven’s sakes. If we can ask God to heal your cancer, thank Him for that, please.”

In 2011, Robertson led a faith healing which he said would help people bring their dead baby back to life.

Wait.  Bringing a dead baby back to life?  First off, I’m an atheist, if there was a dead baby, why wasn’t I told about this?  It doesn’t say what day in 2011 this was, but I am pretty sure I would have relished a dead baby burger, or maybe some dead baby Piccata.  Bringing it back to life is just a complete waste of a perfectly good dead baby.

Dead horse beaten “evil atheist” sarcastic joke aside, this story raises all sorts of questions.  Like, did they call the 700 Club instead of 911 when they realized their baby was dead?  Was this an emergency baby resurrection?  Or are we talking about a Pet Sematary type resurrection?  While I was joking with the overplayed “atheists eat babies” comments, I am really not joking here.  Well, okay, I am joking, but I am being serious as well.  Where in the time frame after the tragic death of this infant was this faith healing resurrection supposed to take place?  Were the parents on the phone with the 700 Club instead of seeking medical help, or was the child already dead?  If, as I assume, the child was already dead, how long after death was this?  Was Robertson’s faith healing supposed to wake this baby up in his little coffin?  In the morgue?  In the funeral home?  Were the parents holding on to the body after death hoping life could be prayed back into it?

Logistics (maybe they should have called UPS instead of the 700 Club?) aside, what kind of rat bastard tells grief stricken parents who just lost a baby that he can pray the child back to life?  There is no way he is actually that delusional.  He has to know he can’t really pray dead babies back to life; if he could, he would be at a Children’s hospital working miracles, and everyone would know that God exists, He is good, powerful, and the God Pat Robertson believes in.  Instead he gives these suffering people false hope for what?  The hope that they will cut him a check?

Fuck this guy.  Seriously.  With a splintery post.

Oh, here is the “don’t give us grief” video


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