Moving a Comment from My “About” Page Here…..

For no reason other than I wasn’t even aware the “About” section allowed comments.

From Kevin McKinney:

The shame in all of this is that you expect someone else to pay for things for you. That is where the divide lies between conservative and liberal. I choose to take of my own life. Does that suck sometimes? Yes it does. Does it make my life rough sometimes? Yes it does. However, I am able to look at myself in the mirror each morning knowing I am not leaching at the teat of someone who does pull their weight. It’s s shame that this is how it is. Your time would have been better spent looking for a job that would pay your bills and offered health insurance. I still firmly believe that anyone in this country no matter where you come from can become anyone they want to be. There may even be hope for you to “pull your own weight”. I have no problem with anyone doing anything they want to do as long as no harm comes to anyone else and I am not required to pay for it. I also do not feel the need to carry someone when they are perfectly capable of carrying themselves. Handouts do little more that perpetuate the cycle of dependency. I welcome your reply.

Carry on.


Oh, my “welcome” reply?

Fuck off, Kevin.


Sorry, that’s my reply.  You dropped this comment onto my “About” page, a page that for people who haven’t bothered to read it doesn’t include anything on the social safety net.  Your comment is a rant against said safety net that amounts to little beyond patting one’s self on the back for not needing public assistance while assuming that I, on the other hand, have a firm suckle clenched on the government teat, even including the condescending statement that “(t)here may even be hope for you to “pull your own weight”.  Thank you for that assumption.  Not that it is any of your fucking business, but not only am I not a beneficiary of any social assistance, I also pay $400 a month for treatment that I am eligible to have covered by assistance because I can afford the expense, and want the assistance dollars to be there for those with no other options.

Just because you “firmly believe” that anyone “in this country” (by which I will assume you mean the United States) can become “anyone they want to be” doesn’t make it true.   It all sounds so alluring in your world, a world where upward mobility is common and jobs that offer fair wages and benefits are everywhere for anyone willing to spend a little time looking.  I could point out how your arguments reek of privilege.  I could point out how your “blame the poor” mentality is not supported by the evidence.  I could give you the debate that you so obviously desire, dropping random comments into blogger’s “About” pages.

But I won’t, not because there is no point in arguing with a true believer, although that argument can be made, but rather because after your “(t)here may even be hope for you to “pull your own weight,” comment, all you really deserve is a nice “fuck off.”



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