Nothing of Vital Importance

Hi all.

I will be back on Monday, perhaps earlier, with a few posts, and if all goes according to plan that will be the start of regular updates once more here at Foster Disbelief.  The majority of posts will still be dissecting current events through the eyes of an atheistic, sardonic, ex-junkie, progressive ally of both the feminist and GLBTQ (and add whatever other letters you wish) movements who  maintains a pro-science worldview and, if living in a Game of Thrones type time period, would have a test tube and a beaker on his coat of arms, with the words; “Show me the evidence.”  That being said, I also plan to add a bit of “pop?” culture to the mix as well.  Perhaps a bit on Game of Thrones or the book series.  If something as good as True Detective shows up, I won’t hesitate to cover that.  I may talk about Hannibal, or other good television and film.  The “Sunday Listening Pleasure” section may return.  Feel free to skip those postings at will, it is more for my sanity than anything else.

And with that, I wish you a enjoyable weekend.  I am going to put a “more after the jump” tag here and explain a few things to those who are interested.  Honestly, if you do not know me personally, there really won’t be anything worth reading after the jump.  It isn’t private, hence posting it on the blog rather than in personal messages, but it is more than likely of little interest to the majority of people.

So, see you all after the weekend!

And greetings to those who are still with us post jump.  The question in search of an answers is quite simply, where have I been?  Why did a daily updated blog turn into a graveyard of years old snark with the occasional badly written post appearing seemingly at random?  Did I scratch out the “ex” part of “ex-junkie” and return to doing daily impressions of a pin cushion?  Did I find a new woman to call my significant other?   Did I meet a guy who finally turned the “heteroflexible” part of my orientation from theory to reality?  (Which, off subject, is the reason I am convinced beyond doubt that sexual orientation is not a choice.  Believe you me, if it was a choice, I would have the bisexual box checked before you handed me a pen.  My inability to become aroused by men is a flaw I was born with.  And yes, I do consider the elimination of half the world from my pool of potential partners to be a flaw.)  Have my games of Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 finally consumed every single second of available time from me?

While each of those possibilities would have interesting consequences worth writing about, the answers are all on the no side of the balance.  My monthly urine tests continue to come back boringly devoid of illicit substances, my daily shooter of methadone my only window to my former state of mind.  There is a popular misconception that people taking methadone maintenance treatment just switched to a legal method of getting high.  At one time I shared the misconception.  As anyone who actually studied the effects of methadone maintenance or used methadone maintenance correctly can tell you, while you could get blasted on half of my dose, I haven’t felt anything close to intoxication for well over a year now.  Sure, I was high the first few weeks after switching maintenance drugs while my dosage was being adjusted, but once the dose is stabilized, there is no up, and there is no real down.  There is just the baseline “normal.”  As for the other options, my single status remains, primarily by choice.  I still have yet to find a man that I can not only freely admit is attractive, but who also causes my loins to do some stirring.  I am such a depressingly straight bisexual.  Honestly, with each year that passes, I doubt more and more that I will ever stumble upon that man.  As for CKII and EU4, while I own both games, I have been keeping them at arms length for fear of losing months of my life to each.  I tend to get obsessed with games such as Civilization and the like.  Considering the Song of Ice and Fire mod I have currently for CKII, I am scared that if I invest the time needed to really play the game that all outside interests will fall to the side.  If I do disappear for a month or three, this is by far the most likely option.

But no, the simple fact is that the things I write about, the things I care enough about to write about, have quite frankly been depressing the holy fuck out of me.  The right has pushed the middle of the political spectrum so far from the actual center that my own personal viewpoint turned incredibly pessimistic.  Obama has won the past two presidential elections.  The Democrats control the Senate.  And during the past few years we’ve watched reproductive freedom get trashed worse than I can ever remember, watched the conservative Republican plan for health care reform get labeled as “Obama-care” and vilified as Stalin’s wet dream.  We’ve seen corporations not only granted the rights of a citizen when it comes to political spending as speech, but are close to giving corporations so much freedom of religion that they can stop their employees health insurance from covering things they decide they don’t believe in.  (Seriously.  Take birth control out of the argument and see how absurd it actually is.  What if your boss was a Jehovah’s Witness stopping your insurance from covering blood transfusions?  What if your boss was a Christian Scientist who just blocked your insurance from covering….well, from covering anything I guess.)   I could go on, but I will save a lot for future posts rather than just whine here about how everything is going to hell.  No one wants to hear that, and I don’t want to write it.  My final point to draw this to a close is that sure, things on the GLBTQ…. front seem to be coming along swimmingly.  Marriage equality is well on its way to being the law of the land, and every young person who realizes that sexual orientation isn’t a reason to hate someone pushes acceptable homophobia closer and closer to the dustbin of history.  It certainly seems like we are mere years from the first mainstream Christian church to claim that Christianity was the driving force behind the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and marriage equality.  Just like they do every time social progress occurs in spite of the intense opposition of Christianity.  (See interracial marriage, slavery, the rights of women, etc, etc, etc….)  But as absolute as this victory seems to be, when surrounded by defeat in practically every other battle, it is small grounds for a celebration.  Think on this:  If this is how things are with Obama as president, what would things look like if he would have lost?

As fatalistic as my viewpoints have become however, I am through wallowing in creeping defeat.  Many of the things I post here are things I think everyone should be aware of.  Even if only one other person learns of something from me, it is worth it.  While it seems to me that the majority of the nation would gladly accept a fascist dictator as long as he was Christian, a he, and NCIS still started on time, I am not in the “gladly accept” camp and will continue to write for those of similar minds.  Why?  Because along side the apathetic many, there is a population that would not only accept the fascist dictator, but actively yearn for him.  One who will dismantle the social safety net, who will not rest until armed vigilantes roam the streets of all our cities, who will force women back into the kitchen and gays back into the closet, who will establish a Sharia-like Christian rule over the United States.

And while there may be no answer to the apathetic majority, we can certainly fight against those who seek to turn us into a Theocratic dictatorship.


Enjoy the return of the snark.  When confronted with a post on some form of pop culture that makes you scratch your head, remember that it is for my own fragile sanity, and just skip on to the next thing that interests you.  And please, if there is something you want to read my take on, feel free to make the suggestion.


One thought on “Nothing of Vital Importance

  1. It seems you didn’t make it back on Monday, but I’m glad to see new posts, Though to be fair I’ve only had a working pc for a few weeks now after almost 6 months without one, and It took Tengrain from MPS to post his blogroll for me to find you again.
    Please do resume posting, I like your insight.

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