See?! Rich People Really Do Go to Jail Sometimes.

Finally, some justice!

After CNN reported back in April that the heirs to massive fortunes can literally rape toddlers and not go to prison, perhaps you had some worrying thoughts about our justice system and the influence of money on the outcomes of criminal trials.  Well now…  What is that?  That isn’t the proper usage of the word “literally” you say?  When exaggerating for affect I should use the word “figuratively” in my sentence?

I see the problem.  I wasn’t exaggerating in the previous sentence.  He actually raped a toddler.  Seriously.  And got a suspended sentence.  Proof:

Though Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of rape, the wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune was spared prison by a Delaware court in 2009 because he would “not fare well” behind bars, according to court documents CNN obtained Tuesday.

Richards is a great-grandson of the chemical magnate Irenee du Pont.

He received an eight-year prison sentence in 2009 for raping his toddler daughter, but the sentencing order signed by a Delaware judge said “defendant will not fare well” in prison and the eight years were suspended.

Richards was placed on eight years’ probation and ordered to get treatment and register as a sex offender, the documents show. He was also prohibited from having contact with children under 16, including his own children.

The documents were never sealed, yet the ruling managed to go unnoticed until March, when Richards’ former wife, Tracy Richards, filed a lawsuit in Delaware Superior Court on behalf of their children alleging “personal injuries arising from the childhood sexual abuse.” The 11-page suit alleges that not only was their daughter abused, but Richards abused their son, too. The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Believe me, you are forgiven for assuming I was exaggerating.  Now what was I saying there….  Oh, that’s it.

Fear not, furious readers!  The justice system once again faced down a similar situation, and this time, justice was served.  Turning to Ed Brayton for the story, over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

And now we have a similar case, an heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune getting only 4 months in jail (likely only two) for molesting his 12 year old stepdaughter.

The billionaire heir to the SC Johnson company’s fortune — who confessed to repeatedly sexually assaulting his teenage stepdaughter — received a four-month jail sentence on Friday from a Racine, WI judge who cited the Johnson family’s importance in the community.

Milwaukee’s Channel 4 News reported that Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz told 59-year-old defendant Samuel Curtis Johnson III that “you could not grow up in this community and not know some of the people involved in this case.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Johnson plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct rather than the felony sexual assault on a minor child charges he originally faced in 2011.

The reality is that we don’t have a criminal justice system in this country, we have two of them — one for rich people and one for the rest of us. If you have money, you can get away with almost anything — except, of course, stealing from other rich people.

Mr. Brayton, you should watch that attitude.  Two months, and possibly 4!!!! months in prison in Rich White People Time?  Hell, that is like 10 years in poor people time.  25(!) in black people time.  He’s doing the Rich White People equivalent of hard time.  Have mercy, it is almost capital punishment.



Silly Rabbit, Jail isn’t for Rich People.



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