Just a Question….

Remember the Duggars?  You know, that batshit insane loving family who insist on pretending the wife’s uterus is a clown car leaving all their family planning up to God, while leveraging Jim Bob’s complete lack of concern for either Michelle’s health or what is in their children’s best interest Jim Bob, Michelle, and the children’s touching faith, so out of step with reality modern day America, into a exploitative freak show heart-warming family program on the original network for soul-crushing poverty porn learning, TLC, home of Toddlers & Tiaras and its spin-off, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  Good, wholesome, Christian entertainment.

Anyway, I saw a story a few weeks back about the Duggars, something about the wife of the family, Michelle, visiting a fertility doctor.  I will pause while you take a moment to consider that statement.  Yeah, 19 kids.  The 19th was born a “micro-preemie.” The last attempt at 20 ended in a miscarriage.  (Full stop.  Period.  No joke about that.  I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on anyone.)

But they are back at a fertility doctor, and that has me curious about something.

From what I know about the Quiverfull movement, and similar forms of Christianity, their opinion on family planning is as follows:  God decides how many children the couple have.  No birth control, they have sex and if God so wills it, they have a baby.

So while the important action there is not using birth control, and I assume not pulling out as well, since I get the feeling God would count that as trying to get around his wishes, the belief that leads to the action is the belief that it is up to God how many children a couple is supposed to , according to the wishes of God, bring into the world.

So stop me if I am missing something here, but….

Isn’t consulting a fertility doctor, just like using birth control, an action directly at odds with the belief that it is all up to God?



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