Tristan Interviews Belle


Belle Knox is many things.  Belle Knox is a feminist, an activist, and a freshman at Duke University.  Belle Knox is also a porn star.  Yeah, that Belle Knox.  After a Duke fraternity outed her on campus, Belle Knox stood up for herself, writing 3 articles for xoJane.(You can find all three of them at that one link.)  For reasons that can be summed up completely as “because we live in the United States of America,” Belle suddenly found herself practically a household name, and one of the most viciously attacked individuals on the internet.  Shows such as The View,and Dr. Drew, wanted her on as a guest.  The Men’s Rights sites and just misogynists in general decided to try to slut-shame her off the internet.  Anti-porn feminists tore into her.  Students at Duke bullied her, making her attendance at school difficult until the administration stepped in on her behalf.  Even her fellow performers lashed out at her, perhaps jealous of the main stream attention she was receiving.  She became an internet meme (look it up, there are Belle Knox meme generators aplenty), including one consisting of a picture of her face with cum on it, with the words “The Face of Post-Modern Feminism.”

Belle Knox is still in the porn industry.  She is still a student at Duke, and she is still a feminist.  Currently, she wants to become a lawyer who advocates for sex workers.

Belle has said and written some very intelligent things since she was outed, and she has said some cringe-inducing things as well.  She is a freshman in college.  She is 18 or 19.  We all say some stupid things at that age.  But she has been forced into the spotlight, in a culture that is both obsessed with sex and ashamed of it, that is both fascinated by the famous and addicted to watching reality television. A perfect storm that placed her on every television screen in the nation, in front of people who want to judge and shame her.  I understand why Jenna J Ross would say

and other who resent her being ordained spokesperson for the Adult industry by the mainstream media.  I understand those who question her politics a bit.  (Fiscally, she is depressingly Republican. <A word she herself chose even after being given the escape hatch of “libertarian”> while being very progressive socially.  I never quite get this combination.  As progressive as you want to be socially, you can’t do anything if you have no tax revenue from your fiscal policy.  Your non-discrimination ideals and such are only as powerful as the regulations enforcing them, that you do not believe in.  )  But she is one of the many faces of feminism.  Most of the mainstream outlets treated interviews with Belle Knox as if they were talking to a circus performer, or a leper.  Ewww.  A porn star!  What a horrible choice she made.  Maybe we can shame her into being a good girl!

If you read her articles and were actually interested in hearing her views instead of just defending the adult industry, “feminist  author, columnist, sex educator, activist, editor, speaker, radio host, and pornographic film director” Tristan Taormino invited Belle Knox onto her internet radio show, Sex Out Loud, on the VoiceAmerica network.  (As a side note, if you don’t care a lick about Belle Knox, but enjoy Dan Savage’s podcast or column, you should still check out Tristan Taormino.)

Warning:  The show starts automatically as the page loads.  So use common sense as to your surroundings.

Belle Knox interviewed by Tristan Taormino


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