Dude, Your 15 Minutes are Up. Go Away.

Hercules, oh Hercules.  How did you fall so far?

I remember you chewing through scenery for years as you fought against evil and for truth, justice, and the American way, just as you did throughout classical mythology.  You brought the world Xena, and flexed your muscles as you ruled the landscape of bad 90’s B-TV.  You could have stayed a piece of 90’s nostalgia, and perhaps used your “fame” to make a decent, and honest, living, traveling from one convention to the next.  But no, be it your honest religious beliefs, or more cynically, a desperate longing for the fame that passed you by, you have reinvented yourself in the Christian idiocy movement.  First you starred in the “film” God’s Not Dead, playing a walking strawman, a stereotype of an atheist professor that was insulting to stereotypes everywhere.  While there are definitely atheist philosophy professors, there is not one like the strawman Kevin Sorbo portrays.  His character is strangely similar to what a conservative Christian who believes higher education is designed to rob young people of their faith would imagine a philosophy professor would act like, instead of a real, breathing professor.  Yet no matter a performance that makes his days as Hercules look Emmy worthy, it did bring him accolades from the poor persecuted piety.

“If I can ‘act’ in a shitty movie, then I can spout nonsense on Christian radio,” must have at some point went through his mind.  And so the protestors in Ferguson became “animals,” although I’m sure he didn’t mean anything racist by that at all.  Now that some of that publicity (no such thing as bad, ya know) has died down, he turned his godlike bigotry towards the Jews:

Kevin Sorbo continues to make the rounds of Religious Right radio programs to promote the the DVD release of his recent film “God’s Not Dead.” While appearing on Jerry Newcombe’s “Vocal Point” radio program recently, Sorbo noted that Mel Gibson had created a lot more opportunities for Christian filmmakers in Hollywood with the success of his film “The Passion of the Christ,” which made a lot of money despite concerns from Jewish leaders that the film was anti-Semitic.

Sorbo, for his part, does not really understand what Jews were so upset about.

“He got attacked when he was shooting ‘The Passion’ from the Jewish community, saying ‘look at the way you’re portraying us,'” Sorbo said. “News bulletin: you did kill Jesus!”

On the plus side, there is no video of him knocking his fiance out cold in an elevator.


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