Raven’s Terminate Ray Rice’s Contract.

ESPN is reporting at this moment that the Baltimore Ravens have terminated the contract of Ray Rice.  While the Ravens have stood firmly behind their star running back since the first video of the aftermath of the incident , it became an impossible to defend stance after TMZ released the video from inside the elevator.

The NFL claims that they only saw the video when it was released this morning.  One really has to wonder if that is true, or if this is just a major ass covering move.  Now that the Ravens have cut Rice, will the NFL reexamine the Rice case and perhaps their “strengthened” policy on domestic violence that I mocked earlier today?

How sad is it that when the only video was of the fiance lying unconscious in the elevator due to a domestic violence incident, Ray Rice received a 2 game suspension and a standing ovation.  Real punishment only came when America had their noses rubbed into a hulking athlete throwing a hay-maker at his now wife.

I applaud the Baltimore Ravens for taking a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence.  As much as I question their previous actions, we have to reward those who do the right thing.  It took a while, but they did the right thing.

The NFL and their increased six game suspension can still eat a bag of dicks.

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