Update: And You Thought That Ad Was Bad?

Eww.  I feel…dirty?  There is just something indescribably skin crawling about this campaign ad for Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister.  Rep. McAllister, you may remember, was in the news months ago due to the “kissing scandal“, which is a cute way of saying he was caught on video cheating on his wife with a staff member.  (Amazingly, unlike many family values conservatives who experience similar fates, the staffer in this case was a woman.)  After resisting calls from, well, everybody, to step down or at least not run for re-election, Rep. McAllister was faced with a difficult problem.  As a politician who’s whole identity is that of a Family Values Christian Crusader, how do you deal with recent, direct hypocrisy while protecting your chances of re-election?  His answer results in this video:

As posted at Salon:

his campaign team has released an ad featuring McAllister and his wife discussing-but-not-discussing the incident in question. (It’s called the “kissing scandal” in most reporting on the affair, which is totally adorable.)

“Life is filled with ups and downs,” McAllister says in the ad.

“But a man’s character is based on how many times he gets back up and stands again,” his wife, Kelly McAllister, continues. She goes on to explain that she feels “blessed to have a husband who owns up to his mistakes, never gives up, always fighting for the good people of Louisiana.” (McAllister says he also feels blessed to have a “wonderful Christian wife.”)

and more to the point:

After news of McAllister’s kissing troubles broke, the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party and Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal called for his resignation, but the man refused to halt his campaign. Probably because he knew that in just a few short months he would come out with the world’s best and not-at-all creepy campaign ad showing him and his wife stiffly asserting their affection for one another in a way that is totally believable and not at all unsettling, and then all would be forgiven.


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