Well…I Guess Today’s Addicts are Spending Less Money than I had to?

Yeah, I’m reaching.

From….Kitchenette?  (Wtf?  I was browsing Jezebel.  How did that happen?  Oh, it’s Kitchenette dot Jezebel…Still confused.)

A Pennsylvania state report released this past week claims that heroin is now easier to obtain in the state than wine, and cheaper than beer, especially in rural PA.

The report, which comes from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a joint legislative state agency, claims you can get small packets of heroin for between $5 and $10 across PA, which I did not know was a thing. The crazy thing? We’re not talking about specifically urban areas here; Cambria County, to use one example, has a drug overdose rate of 22.6 deaths per 100,000 people — equal to Philadelphia’s rate.

Know what the real problem is?  Teens snapping “offensive” pictures.  *nods sagely*  Oh wait, that said Cambria County, not Bedford County.  (Still a half hour from my house either direction.  Not like there’s any real difference.)  Continuing for one more line:

On the one hand, that seems insane — how can heroin be that easily attainable? On the other hand, have you ever been to rural Pennsylvania? It’s…not pleasant.

I can totally understand why it seems insane to a non-user.  If on the odd chance I decided to throw my life out the window and shoot heroin again, I wouldn’t know the first place to look for it anymore.  (At least until the next scheduled Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  Then I’d be golden.  Er, high and once again trapped in a cycle I know far too well already, I mean.)  But believe me, it is here, there and fucking everywhere.  Funny how no matter how many people the drug task force locks up, the problem keeps getting worse.  You’d think they’d consider trying different solutions.

Nah, that Drug Task Force money is sweet.  And think of all the officers who get to pretend they’re fighting real crime and making a difference.

The only difference they are making is to the futures of the non-violent offenders they saddle with felonious records.  Good show.


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