Things to come…..

I’ve been working on a pretty in depth post on Islam, the Bill Maher/Ben Affleck kerfluffle, and the competing beliefs that cause liberals and progressives to be so divided on this topic.  I wanted to have it out today, but as it nears 7pm EST, I’ve decided to stop for the night rather than rushing to get it posted.

Since tomorrow is Saturday, and my readership is lower on the weekend, I won’t be posting this article until Monday or Tuesday morning no matter when I get it finished. as I want as many eyes as possible to look at it since I’m pouring much more time and effort into it than your average post here.  (Maybe not Monday cause of Dead Native American Day.)

That being said, I will have a couple posts this weekend, as a lot of shit is going on.  The Supremes put a hold on Wisconsin’s attempt to limit the amount of left leaning voters permitted to cast ballots while a federal judge down in Texas did the same there, Rep. Duncan Hunter, a lunatic Republican from the insane asylum California is still claiming that “at least” ten ISIS fighters have been stopped at the US/Mexico border, according to the voices in his head a supposed “high level” source (I’m sure the “source” is very “high”  The question is “on what?”), and apparently hunting season has been extended on black people.  And I haven’t even mentioned the inaction by the Supreme Court that resulted in marriage equality becoming law in 30 states and the District now, or the hilariously apocalyptic response by the Right. ( I love you soooo much, Ted Cruz. So much.  I would totally suck you off.  I mean, in a totally straight, bro type of way.  I’m not saying that you are gay.  And me?  Well, at the very most I’m slightly heteroflexible.  I mean, there was that one guy, back when I was 21 or 22, who was dating my ex, and I totally would have maybe done something with him if he would have asked me to.  Possibly.  But I wish I was bi, and not being bi wouldn’t stop me from taking one for the team and going down on you like a pornstar, Mr. Cruz.  I’d gag for you, and make sure not to scrape you with my teeth, and I’d even swallow.  For America.  )

And if that isn’t patriotism, I don’t know what is.

Amen.  See ya all tomorrows.


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