Wait, What……It’s Not Westeros Edition

I remember seeing this a few days ago and skipping over it, but it popped back up in an article I was reading today, so enjoy.  (Or I could claim that it appearing in two separate articles means it is, in fact, a sign from the Most Holy Lord.  But, you know, standards.)  Realize that I am not claiming this is in anyway a policy advocated by other Republicans, the national or South Carolina GOP, other Republicans from South Carolina, other members of his  household, his family pets, insects living in his house, spiders living in his garage, or any actual snakes in his grass.  Other than Joffrey Baratheon, I can’t think of one other person who would  sponsor the solution to Ebola put forth by former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, Todd Kincannon.  Maybe Dick Cheney, but I think he would have enough sense to keep his agreement to himself.  Joff would be pretty down with it, but he got poisoned by his own in-laws.  (Oops, spoiler for those not caught up.)

Ladies, Gentlemen, Small Furry Creatures, other humans who do not want to be called “ladies” or “gentlemen” and should feel free to insert their own chosen word; marvel at the brilliant plan, reported at Wonkette and many other locations,  to contain the Ebola outbreak championed by Todd Kincannon, the former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, who I remind you is proudly, fiercely, undeniably, and outspokenly, pro-life.




So to recap:  If you happen to be a fetus, Todd Kincannon has got your back.  If you are one of those two nurses in Texas who caught Ebola trying to save Thomas Eric Duncan?  Not so much.

Everyone, not just Democrats and progressives, everyone on every possible side should point and laugh at this man.

But first, they should say “wait….what?!?”


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