The Disturbing Reality of Life in Pennsyltuckabama.

While I understand that if the electorate that actually bothered to show up on Tuesday had its way they would lustily roll the calendar back a few decades, that was not one of the options on the ballot and it is indeed still 2014.  I know that for sure, because I actually double checked when I got home this morning after a surreal experience at a local business.  Let me explain.

While on our daily walk, Princess Lyanna (my chow chow) and I stop in at a local store each day to visit the employees, get a Milkbone to serve as a mid-walk snack, and purchase some cancer sticks or nicotine juice for my vaporizer.  It is a really friendly, local, small town type store.  A regular crowd stops in everyday, and it is truly one of those places where not only does everyone know your name, but you know everyone’s as well.  When we walked in this morning and the clerk greeted us with the news that the new employee was gay, it caught me a little bit off guard.  So many questions immediately sprang to mind, like “Why the fuck are you telling me this?” and “Why is his sexual identity at all relevant information?” and “Oh shit, who else are you telling?”.  After finishing the conversation, I’m giving the clerk the benefit of the doubt on this one.  I am kind of known as the town liberal, and I am fairly outspoken at the store about my support for equality.  It seems that the clerk had the same worry I had, which was some of the local conservatives being openly bigoted to him at the store, and wanted me to watch out for him, and let management know if I witnessed any harassment he may not want to complain about.  So while the clerk completely disregarded every bit of privacy the new employee had and totally broke his trust (he told the clerk his sexual identity the night before) by telling me he was gay, at least her heart was in the right place?

Anyway, Princess and I continued on our walk and the whole incident left my mind.  Until I had to stop back in to the store a few hours later to pick up a couple things for my mother, and walked in on three regulars loitering around, cracking jokes about the new gay employee.  The grumpy old conservative ex-marine talking how he may just stay away when he is working, with the sweet old couple jokingly telling him to stop lying, that they know he will be there to hit on the gay guy every night.  That is just an example of the quality of jokes flowing from the store.

It is 2014.

I don’t even know what else to say.

It is 2014 and a gay employee is treated as a novelty, becoming to conversation of the day.

2 thoughts on “The Disturbing Reality of Life in Pennsyltuckabama.

  1. It is 2014!
    (Just in case you were doubting after that! haha!)

    I wish people who are uncomfortable about someone or something, would just come right out and say THAT, instead of assuming everyone else is uncomfortable… or even cares.

  2. Just as a quick update on this post:

    Six days. The amount of time the employee lasted. Apparently just called in and quit before his shift. I can only speculate as to the reasons, and that really wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved.

    If I ever run in to him again, I’ll see if he wants to comment anonymously on the situation, which I feel is fair since I took every caution not to mention the name of the business.

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