Rape Culture is….

Rape Culture is when, after I make a snarky comment to my niece about Bill Cosby, another random family member launches into a rant about all the gold digging women adding their false rape accusations on to the 1 or 2 begrudgingly admitted possible real incidents.

Is there any other crime where doubting the accuser could be considered a “national pastime?”

“Officer, my purse was stolen.”

“Are you certain you didn’t give the guy your purse, then later decided to cry ‘theft’ when you regretted your decision?”

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Please help, someone just pulled me out of my car at a red light, jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off.  My baby is in his car seat, please help!”

“Ma’am, are you certain you didn’t sell your baby and car to a law abiding citizen, only to cry ‘car-jacking and kidnapping’ when someone told you how much a male baby is worth?”

“Oh shit, another school shooting?  Seriously?”

“Now wait a minute.  Are we certain 27 sixth graders didn’t decide to commit mass suicide in order to be famous?  You know how kids are at that age.  Hell, one of their liberal parents probably told them to use guns just so law abiding gun owners would get shit from the media.”

Our justice system was built on the principle of “innocent til proven guilty.”  With only a few exceptions*, the system makes a complete mockery of that guideline.  Even when a rapist is held accountable for their actions, we more than likely have to hear about what an upstanding young man the rapist was, and how we have to count him as a victim as well, for his life is ruined now that he a convicted rapist, wasting all that potential and talent in a jail cell because of that Jezebel.


I don’t get it.   Institutionalized sexism?  A side effect of the patriarchy?  A cultural backlash against the equality movement?  Against birth control, and a woman’s right to control her own reproduction?

I don’t get why rape culture has permeated our culture, and my privilege keeps me from truly understanding what it is like for a woman living in this culture.

It doesn’t stop me from recognizing it though.


*There may be more exception of course, but the crimes I’m thinking of where suspects are still “Innocent til proven Guilty” are rape and shooting black people.  Get accused of any other crime, and you better have an attorney who can pull evidence rabbits out of courtroom hats.


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