I’m Officially Confuzzled

So some local resident, apparently aghast over the long overdue anti-Confederate battle flag movement, has attached both an American flag and the Confederate battle flag, flying at the same height for what its worth, to the back of his large white pick ’em up truck and has taken to driving around the Altoona area, proudly waving his colors for all to see.

Which absolutely confused the fuck out of me.  I mean, to me flying the stars and bars or whatever the historically obscure flag is called is akin to some Germans raising up the old swastika.  It is a symbol of racist hatred, which should be obvious to those who actually research the history of the flag rather than just assume its been flying in the South since before the Civil War ended, and to be honest, I would still consider it a symbol of hate even if that was the real story.  Since I consider it at best a racist dog whistle, I can understand perfectly why some white man would fly it proudly from his pickup truck.  What confuses me is that very few pro-Confederate flag people admit the flags a racist symbol and that they are flying it to express their racist feelings to the world.  No, instead they use words like “Southern heritage” and concepts such as “respect for our fallen soldiers,” and attempt to turn the reasons for war from slavery to the lost cause of state rights, a dream crushed by Northern Aggression.  And these lies, as easily exposed as they are, serve to protect them from the immediate backlash they would receive if they came right out and admitted their racism, mainly because so many people are either too lazy to check to see if their arguments make any sense, or just don’t care enough to find out or call them on it.

But other than racism, what excuse does this guy have for flying the Confederate battle flag…… in a state that was invaded by the fucking Confederacy?!?  Dude, you’re in the North.  Ixnay on the Flagay.

You may be able to get away with your laughable arguments about Southern pride and heritage if you were in the fucking South.  Here in PA though, you just look more racist than most confederate battle flag wavers.

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