Just an FYI

While I understand that the science is not yet in, and that the information we do have suggests that those susceptible to pneumonia need to stay the fuck away from the product, I still want to mention that after smoking cigarettes for nearly 28 years, most of those being at least a pack a day years, I have recently quit (finally) through vaping.  By no means was it an overnight occurrence, as it took me a while to find the right set up (at a pack a day of American Spirit full flavors, the throat hit and nicotine I needed ruled out the cute little e-cigs sold by the major tobacco companies), but once I had the right equipment and the right juice, I cut down to one cig a day immediately.  A week later, I dropped that last one and have been only vaping for a while now.

I’ll be honest.  Those who don’t already smoke shouldn’t pick up vaping.  Nicotine is a stupid drug to get addicted to (what is the upside exactly?  At least with heroin I was high.) and we really don’t know enough about the long term effects to recommend vaping the no nicotine juices.  I also do not personally see myself vaping forever, although at the moment I have no foreseeable plans to stop.  But for those of you who are smokers and have tried and failed to quit using the gum and/or the patch, or whatever else they have now, vaping is an option that has worked for quite a few people I never thought would quit.  Hell, I never thought I would quit.

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