The “Wait, What?!?” of the Day, In Which I Take a Cheap Shot at Someone’s Appearance. Sorry.

There is a reason network news anchors do not look like this:

zach_drew-800x430(image taken from Raw Story)

Seriously.  I really try to look at the message, not the messenger, but if this guy told me George W. Bush was a bad President, I’d start reexamining his presidency.  If he told me there was no God, I’d start looking for a church.  If he said humans caused climate change, I’d buy a coal burning SUV.  If he said we needed comprehensive sex ed. in our schools, I’d donate to the “Just say ‘no'” campaign.  And so on…..

As you can tell from the bottom corner of the picture, he’s obviously not saying any of the above as a guest on Tthe Jim Bakker Show*, so what questionable “fact” is he peddling?  From Raw Story:

The LHC is an enormous particle collider built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and located near Geneva for the purpose of testing out advanced theories of particle physics and high-energy physics.

With this in mind, an excitable and overly sincere Zach Drew draws attention to the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis where God scattered arrogant knowledge seekers across the land, speaking in different languages.

What?  Face, meet palm.  Continuing….

“What if I told you, again, today, the ancient story of the Tower of Babel is being repeated,” Drew ominously intoned. “Isn’t it interesting that people from all around the world have once again come together to build the largest machine that man has ever constructed? They say it is for the purpose of discovering the God particle. This mystery particle that essentially holds the entire universe together and, if found, would explain our very existence.”

“This insane machine? It’s called CERN,” he continued. “The Large Hadron Collider. The Tower of Babel. The whole world came together to work on it… The people at the Tower of Babel’s goal was also to reach a portal, or a gateway, into the sky, or into another dimension where God dwells.”

“Is all this a mere coincidence? Are the startling parallels between these two stories just a matter of chance?” Drew asked before adding, “Or are the powers of the demonic realm actively at work right now? And if this is just a coincidence and history does decide to repeat itself, let’s not forget how it ended for the people at the Tower of Babel.”

Well now.

On the plus side, at least he isn’t suggesting the LHC is going to create a black hole that will suck the planet in on itself.

Well, at least he isn’t suggesting it in any of the quotes Raw Story published.  I already watched the previous video, no way am I watching this one.

You can, I guess, if you really want to.  Here.


Okay, actually I am watching the video right now, and damn, you have to watch this bit of lunacy.  He is so earnest!  This guy actually believes this shit.  Priceless.  “Strategic portals to Heaven”? “Angels using dimensional gateways”?   Oh Em Gee! More please!

*  Wait, The Jim Bakker Show?  Is there any level of disgrace these preachers can reach that they can’t come back from?

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