Wow Fox News, Way to Make “Kid’s Table” Sound Like a Compliment.

Apparently Fox News thinks the amount of contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination is a problem.  While some could see the 17 viable candidates the GOP has this season as an embarrassment of riches, others seem to think the field is a bit more like a clown car.  So rather than wait for Iowa and New Hampshire to winnow down the field like every other Presidential election season, Fox decided to take matters in their own hands and limit the first debate to only 10 participants.  Just in case that wasn’t controversial enough, they revealed that national poll numbers would decide who got to be in the debate.  You know, those polls that are meaningless this far from an election?  You know, those polls where the bottom 10 candidates or so are separated by statistically meaningless numbers within the margin of error?  Yeah, those polls.

But Fox wasn’t turning their backs on the Sad Seven.  How could they, after the Sad Seven pumped so many advertising dollars into Fox’s wallets as they tried in vain to move the national polls?  Fair is fair after all, so Fox graciously had a second debate, held before the main event and broadcast on Fox News as well.

So where did Fox hold the “kid’s table” debate?  Did they do an in-studio round table?  Find a smaller venue for the candidates?  Use this debate to warm up the crowd for the prime time event?  Of course not, because none of those options would let the candidates know how badly Fox wanted them out of the race.  So they did this:

kidstable1Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

kidstable2Andrew Harnik / AP

kidstable3screen cap from Fox News


I think all seven of them should have told Fox to “fuck off” and refused to participate in this event designed to end their campaigns.  I’m not even going to get into this “debate,” or mention how they respectfully addressed all the men but called Carly Fiorina by her first name because of course they did.  If Fox News wasn’t taking this event seriously, why should I?  Why should anyone?

Wake up Republicans.  Your party has been taken over by a television network and the lunatic fringe that remembers to vote on primary day.  You’re letting this nation, that you claim to love so much, turn into a joke to the rest of the world.


My mind has been on family issues the past few days, in case you were wondering why posting has been sporadic.  Hopefully I’ll be all clear-headed on Monday to start the week off with a bang.  Have a good weekend all!



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