Megyn Kelly is Once Again Bleeding Out Her…Wherever…This Time All Over Ted Cruz.

So.  Did the backlash she received from conservative idiots after the whole Trump kerfluffle at the first GOP debate this year trigger something in Megyn, or is the current crop of presidential candidates just so far out there that it’s impossible to take them serious?  Ted “jackass” Cruz more than likely thought he was set up with a friendly softball interview with Kelly on Fox News, but it turned out that his claim about the GOP debates being moderated by “liberal Democrats” was a bit too insane for Megyn to let slide.

“Why is it that we have Republican primary debates that are moderated by liberal Democrats,” Cruz asked, repeating the argument he made on Fox News’ “Hannity” moments following last week’s CNBC debate. “I don’t think that makes any sense,” he told Kelly.

“The one rule change that I think the RNC ought to think about is saying that if you have never in your life voted in a Republican Party primary, that you shouldn’t be moderating a Republican primary debate,” Cruz argued.

“Let me challenge you on that,” Kelly offered. “Do you have any idea whether Bret Baier or Chris Wallace have ever voted in a Republican primary?”

“I have no idea,” Cruz admitted chucklingly, before defending his assertion by revealing the secret that neither Kelly, nor Wallace, nor Baier could plausibly be described as liberals.

“Would we have to submit our voting records to you?” Kelly shot back after noting that Cruz’s proposed rule could potentially box out some Fox News anchors from moderating GOP debates.

“Megyn, it is not complicated,” Cruz insisted. “In a primary, don’t have liberals moderating.”

Wow, how did I miss that?  I’ve suffered through 3 multiple hour embarrassments to our political system, and now I find out that I missed a fourth debate moderated by Al Fraken, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank?  Where the fuck was I?  Hell, I would pay to watch that debate.  Charge 50 bucks a pop for that 3 hour sucker on PPV and call it Debatemania.  There would be viewing parties all across the nation.  And you’re telling me they not only gave it away for free, but it was unadvertised and not covered by the mainstream media?  Lame.

Oh, wait.  You mean Ted Cruz is claiming liberal Democrats moderated  one or more of the three GOP debates everyone knows about?  You gotta be kidding me.  CNBC is to the right of Fox News on economic issues most of the time, and CNN is so scared of being called “liberal” that they may as well be “Fox News 2.”  Ted Cruz wants the GOP debates to take place the same place the majority of the so-called Republican “base” resides; in the right wing echo chamber.  If these candidates can’t handle debate questions from fellow conservatives, what are they going to do when they move on to the general election?

I bet Putin masturbates every night imagining one of these clowns winning the presidency.

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