Dear Anti-Hillary People….

I’m not Nicole Arbour, I get it.  Bill Clinton was a great President, for a Republican.  Hillary is far from a true liberal or progressive, she’s just more of the same old big money swill the major parties forces us to choose from.  If you asked me to name the top 50 people I would install as President of the United States with no concern for reality, Hillary wouldn’t even make the list.  I’ve read your clickbaity Salon articles, I’ve heard the arguments, and I feel ya, I really do.

You have local, state and federal candidates who want to change the system, point them out, I’ll vote for em.  I’ll march in the parade to get money out of politics.  I’ll collect signatures to get rid of gerrymandering and single representative districts.    You’ll get zero argument from me that the system is broken.

I just really want to know what the actual alternative is to voting for Hillary in the general election, assuming the Democrats nominate her.  The above linked article suggests writing Bernie Sanders in during the general election.  I’m sure that will go great for you.

This ideological purity bullshit is what turned the Republican party into the joke it is today.  I would much prefer the Democratic nominee for President to be as progressive as possible, but I’m also not willing to watch 2000 happen all over again to make some protest vote against the Democratic party moving towards the center to pick up moderates the GOP keeps abandoning.  Yes, I will fight to move the party to the left and work to get the party to nominate progressive candidates, but there is no way I am letting any of these GOP candidates win the Presidency with possible control over both houses of Congress without one hell of a fight.   After each of President Obama’s election wins we’ve heard the far right say that they lost because their candidate wasn’t conservative enough.  That evangelicals stayed home rather than vote for a moderate Republican.  Do we really need our own group taking their votes and going home when the candidate isn’t ideologically pure enough?

Our political system is broken.  Two party systems are a damn joke when half the electorate treats it like sports.  We need some major fucking reforms, and it is going to take time and effort to force the changes.  And yes, sometimes voting does boil down to the lesser of two evils.

I probably don’t have any say in who gets the Democratic nomination.  By the time I vote in PA, a candidate normally has things sewn up.  I’m honestly not sure who I would vote for if it ends up mattering this cycle.  But if next November Hillary is indeed the Democratic nominee, I will vote for her.  Hell, I’ll probably be doing poll work for the campaign.  If you really can not bring yourself to vote for her because she isn’t liberal enough or even just enough of an improvement over the alternative, then I understand.

I’ll still blame you if she loses, but I will understand.

One thought on “Dear Anti-Hillary People….

  1. I’m reminded once again of the ancient warning to not allow the demand for the perfect to destroy the acceptance of the good.

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