“Good Guy with a Gun” of the Week

This week’s “Good Guy with a Gun” award goes to one Matthew A. Crawford of Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Some of you may recognize the name from his previous bout with fame when his concealed handgun accidentally discharged during a church service he was attending at the Cathedral in Altoona.

One person who may be quite thankful of Mr. Crawford’s earlier problems is his ex-girlfriend, since his plea agreement included a provision prohibiting Mr. Crawford from possessing firearms for his time on probation.  Otherwise, this story may have a much darker ending.  For as the Altoona Mirror reports:

An Altoona man whose handgun discharged while attending an Easter Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in 2015 is in jail after an alleged domestic dispute at his home, Altoona police said Monday.

Matthew A. Crawford, 30, of 1418 18th St. was arrested by Altoona police late Saturday after he allegedly beat his girlfriend with the handle of a plunger about 8 p.m. after confronting her as she gathered her belongings to move out, Crawford’s arrest papers indicate.

According to police, responding officers were told by Crawford’s girlfriend that she was at their home to pack in order to move out and that Crawford returned while she was there and cornered her in an upstair’s bedroom. Crawford shut the bedroom door, and as she tried calling 911, he picked up a plunger and started hitting her with the handle. Police said the woman said she was hit 10 to 15 times on various parts of her body. Police noted the woman had a mark consistent with being struck with a a plunger handle on her arm and suffered a scratch on her left hand. She also complained of pain to her right shoulder blade and neck.

During the alleged assault, Crawford reportedly told his girlfriend he would kill her, police said.

Remember, as the NRA says, “Guns don’t kill people, people do.”  Thankfully, that’s people with guns, not people with plungers mostly.  In Mr. Crawford’s defense, I am sure he had a good reason to beat his (hopefully) ex-girlfriend with a plunger.  Let’s see:

Police said that Crawford told an officer she was supposed to pick him up but didn’t, and he was angry he had to walk home. Crawford told police he fell into his girlfriend and then said he didn’t want to answer any more questions without his attorney present.

Okay then.  Well, in his defense, other than the accidental discharge at church, it isn’t like Mr. Crawford had a history of violence, right?

In 2010, Crawford was arrested for pulling a gun on a family member during an argument.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.  Responsible gun ownership, people!  Good guys with guns!  Feel safe!



3 thoughts on ““Good Guy with a Gun” of the Week

  1. Actually you also missed his carrying guns to college right before the cathedral incident

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