Dammit, Quit Feeding The Trolls

Do you know who Nicole Arbour is?  Without using Google, that is.  No?  Good.  Feel free to move along, this post doesn’t concern you in anyway.

Those of you who are left probably know her from her viral video “Dear Fat People,” or her kinda sorta follow up, “Dear Black People,” or maybe even her most recent bowel movement, “Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping.”  Since you are reading a feminist supportive, progressive blog at the moment, I have to assume that, like me, you watched “Dear Fat People” and “Dear Black People” with the sort of fascination normally reserved for vehicular accidents, be they train or auto.  I’m not going to lie; parts of “Dear Fat People” caused me to chuckle even while I found it, on the whole, shallow and offensive.  Her latest video has zero redeeming qualities.  It is still shallow, it is hateful, and it supports the idea that there is one, and only one, standard of beauty that every woman should attempt to live up to, while being openly seen as “less than” if they fail to live up to the ideal.

While it is easy to assume that Nicole Arbour actually believes the vile shit that comes out of her mouth in the latest video (She is a Trump supporter, and happens to fit right into the standard definition of beauty in America), the sad fact is that these videos were released to be purposefully controversial in order to get views.  Something that she has definitely succeeded in doing.  She is getting video views.  She is getting talked about.  (Here’s a link to Salon’s latest piece on her and her new video.)  Sure, a lot of those views are probably from people nodding along with her, cheering as she tears into the “politically correct” culture that would dare to tell a girl who wears a size 10 that she’s not a disgusting fat pig, but I have to think a lot of those views are also from people who are watching while swallowing back the vomit that keeps trying to escape every time she opens her mouth.

I actually really hope she believes the stuff she says in her videos, believes that her fat shaming is really going to save someone’s life down the road, because the thought that she is viciously body-shaming other women just to get views is abhorrent.  Hurting people because you are shallow and don’t know any better is one thing.  Hurting people as part of a callous plot to draw attention to one’s self is on a different level entirely.

No matter what her true thoughts and reasons for making the videos are, one thing remains the same.  She doesn’t deserve our views or our attention.  This will be the last thing I ever write about Nicole Arbour unless she does something worth writing about.  I won’t be commenting on her videos anymore because I won’t be watching them, and I urge you all to do the same.  Life is far too short to waste any of it listening to this hateful persons cries for attention.  Youtube is filled with funny women who don’t feel the need to body shame other women for a laugh.  If I’m ever tempted, just to see what new hateful thing she has to say this time, I’ll watch Rachael Bloom videos until the urge passes me by.


And before I go, I’ve been debating whether or not this was too low of a blow, but then I realized that I really don’t care cause she opened herself up for it.

For Nicole Arbour to complain about Ashley Fucking Graham not meeting her standard of beauty is hilarious.  Even without taking personalities into account I’d choose Ashley over another cookie cutter, stick figure blond every day of the damn week, and twice on Sunday.  Ashley Graham is not beautiful for a plus size model.  She is just beautiful.  Full stop.


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