Making a List, Checking it Twice….

Dear Bernie Sanders supporters.

Wait, that isn’t right.  I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter.  I consider myself a libertarian socialist (weird party, right?) when forced to place myself inside a box and absolutely love Bernie Sanders as a politician and as a human.  So called “skeletons” in his closet, such as his anti-Vietnam activism and his battles against the Red Scare narrative that could hurt him with some moderate independents come the General Election are positives in my mind.  I support Sanders.  I feel the Bern.  So let’s start over.

Dear Bernie Sanders supporters who have taken to wearing their ideological purity on their chests like a super hero’s symbol.

Yeah.  That looks better.  Now, on with it.

I get it, okay?  Seriously.  HRC is a war hawk who is enthralled by corporate interests, bought and paid for ten times over.  HRC is most qualified Republican running for President this year.  HRC is offering the status quo of a broken political system while Bernie offers a true alternative, a political revolution of the people, by the people, and for the people.  You can stop trying to convince me.  After all, calling Bill Clinton the best Republican President since Eisenhower is my fucking line.

I am not going to try an convince you who to vote for in the primary.  I’m really not.  Politically I am much closer to Sanders policy-wise, but I question his electability as a socialist in a nation that has made “liberal” a dirty word and, more important in my mind, his ability to get anything passed through a divided Congress when it seems, sadly enough, that his army of non-voters that will force Congress to go along with his policies is more of a pipe dream than a reality.  HRC has her own negatives to me.  The email scandal promises to stick around for the whole election and she represents a portion of the Democratic party that may very well be part of the GOP if the GOP hadn’t gone batshit insane over the past decades.  To be honest, at this point it would be pointless to try and convince people to vote either way in the Democratic primary, because HRC flopped the nuts on Super Tuesday, and Sen. Sanders is largely drawing dead.  The army of non-voters has not been showing up to the polls, and while Sanders has made this primary season much more interesting than it otherwise would have been, a path to the nomination for Sanders seemingly no longer exists.  This doesn’t mean that Sander’s campaign has been a failure.  His success has pulled HRC much farther to the left than she otherwise would be at this point, and he has forced people to talk about progressive policy ideas for once.  His campaign is reminding the Democratic party that progressives form an important part of the party, and reminding them that they will not be ignored.  Perhaps Sanders has laid the groundwork for a future progressive Presidency.  While my own vote in the primary will more than likely be meaningless, as Pennsylvania votes late in April, I will, as of now, still be voting for Sanders to let the party know progressive policies matter to me.  I must admit that if I lived in an early voting state, or if PA voted much earlier, I am not sure who I would vote for.  Electability would matter much more if my vote actually counted in selecting the nominee, and I am honestly not sure how I would vote in that case.

But that is the primary.  The general election isn’t even a question.  If Sanders is the nominee, I will vote for Sanders.  If HRC is the nominee, I will vote for HRC.  I’m not going to throw my vote away by writing in Sanders.  I’m not going to take my ball and go home either, sitting out the election in protest.

If that is what you feel you need to do, so be it.  Keep writing articles like “Vote for Hillary, be a sucker: It’s OK to reject the choice of a tyrannical liberal or a right-wing tyrant” for Salon.  Enjoy your ideological purity.  I desperately hope that there aren’t enough of you, and that your articles do not convince enough people, to hand the election to whomever the GOP ends up nominating.

If you really believe that the country is just as fucked with a President Clinton as it would be with a President Cruz or President Trump, then do what you have to do.

If you can look at the polling data coming from the GOP right now, at the racial animosity, the xenophobia, the resentment boiling just under the surface, stoked by decades of the GOP’s Southern Strategy, and honestly say you think the time is right for a progressive political revolution, may I please have a hit of the awesome Colorado bud you must be smoking?

I want rapid change.  I want a progressive revolution.  I want European style socialism.  If I can not have that, then I at least want to hold on to the gains we have made.  No matter what happens, the GOP is going to control the House until the next census.  It is going to be a divided government.  Gerrymandering has made that abundantly clear.  A Presidency for any of the current GOP candidates will see the end of the Affordable Care Act and almost certainly a conservative majority locked into the Supreme Court for possibly decades to come.  If the GOP candidate wins the presidency, we have to assume that the GOP maintains control of the Senate as well.  How much damage do you think the current GOP could do with control of every branch, executive, judicial, and legislative, of government for at the minimum, two years?

I’m sure your arguments absolving yourself of any responsibility and your ideological purity will keep you warm as you watch a dying political party take a nation down with it.


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