Worth Reading at Salon

As much as I bitch about Salon posting ridiculous clickbait articles, they do still publish articles that are worth the click at times.  Such as this article on the shit ex-porn actress Bree Olsen has to deal with now contrasted with the rape-allegation proof popularity of James Deen.

I’m not saying that I agree with every word that comes out of Bree Olsen’s mouth.  If I was personally choosing a spokeswoman to rally against the shit these women have to deal with in their everyday lives I would pick Gauge, who has already had a Salon piece written on the subject about her back in 2013.  But just because I don’t always agree with her doesn’t mean she should be slut-shamed endlessly and treated as if she was less than human.  Gauge pointed out the double standard beautifully:

Although the hospital eventually issued Gauge an apology, she felt both wounded and perplexed by the experience. “I’m thinking, why isn’t anybody asking [the anesthesia tech] how he recognized me?” she says. “OK, so what – I’m the provider, you’re the freaking consumer. Why is what I did so much more wrong than what you did?”

Exactly.  Why is it acceptable to watch porn, but moral death to perform?

Look, I know that the porn industry has problems.  Degrading porn is way too common.  (I do not include BDSM porn that makes it very clear that there is enthusiastic consent involved and that all parties participating are enjoying themselves as degrading porn. )  Some of the performers, especially in “amateur porn” or foreign porn may only be doing porn because they are desperate or possibly forced into it.  But actresses such as Gauge, Sensi Pearl, Mia Kalifia, and yes, Bree Olsen entered the profession because they wanted to.  Because it offered very nice compensation.  And yes, because they enjoy sex.  The old stereotype of all porn actresses having “daddy issues” isn’t just wrong, it is misogynistic.  We could have a week long debate on how to fix the industry, and no, I don’t have the answers.  It is very hard to vote with your wallet when so much porn is pirated or watched for free on various tube sites.  And, as sad as it is, there is obviously an audience for the worst of the worst.  The rape allegations James Deen was hit with, that would have tanked his career if he was a mainstream actor, possibly earned him fans, as disgusting as that sounds.  Sure, some people (such as myself) will never watch another scene he performs in, and many performers will never work with him again, but obviously there are others to take our places.

Anyway, go to Salon and read the article.  And remember:  If you recognize a porn star in “real life,” you aren’t standing on any moral high ground that you can look down on them from.

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