As someone who identified with the punk rock/hardcore music scene from 1989 until I entered my thirties in the 2000’s, and as someone who can still be found screaming every word at a Streetlight Manifesto show, or blasting Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables or How to Clean Everything on my car stereo, it would probably come as a shock to most of those who know me how varied my early musical influences actually were.  While I will admit that there are some embarrassing metal bands on that list (how did I actually like Motley Crue?), the two that will stand out in my mind as the soundtrack of my pre-punk life are Madonna and Prince.

I was 10 when I saw Purple Rain for the first time.  Yes, it is a horrible movie.  But that music.  Damn.

It is late (for me, I work third again), but this piece from The Rude Pundit is incredible, and beautifully explains the effect his music had on so many.  Go read it.

I’ll be back tomorrow to make fun of the school board member at my old school who thinks the new Sociology book is “liberal propaganda,” and give Altoona’s rep in the state House the old side-eye over his opinion of why young people flee this area like it is plague-ridden, along with a few other possibilities.

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