I Can’t Even….

Game of Thrones thoughts, of course….

As a tv show only?  Were there a shit ton of long, meandering, pointless conversations?  Is Gilly’s baby supernatural, staying that young while years pass everywhere else?  Did we really need to see the dead face of a 13 year old in multiple shots?  Remember, seeing Stannis die last season would have been “gratuitous.”  Did they really bring Osha and Rickon back just so Ramsey can kill them?  As a book reader, I fully expected Jon to leave the watch, as his death technically fulfills his oath to remain with the Night’s Watch until death, but I have no clue if they are doing that, or if they are making him an oath breaker.  The Tower of Joy scene was the second worst fight scene ever in Game of Thrones, only ahead of Snake-Fu.  Fun, more Arya getting hit with a stick.

God that was boring.  And disturbing.  But mostly boring.  2/10


Seriously, I can’t even.


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