Good News for Those of You Who Wish I’d Stop Posting About Game of Thrones.

I really don’t watch much television.  I have a ton of websites that I read, a backlog of movies I still need to watch, and countless hours of rpg goodness to play on my Steam account.  Oh, and stacks of books that I could be reading as well.  If I’m going to devote a portion of my limited free time to watching a tv show, I better be getting something out of it.  There are a few shows that I’m fairly confident I would enjoy that I do not watch, simply because I feel my time is better spent elsewhere.  Don’t take this as elitism, or intellectual snobbery.  I’m not looking down on television, and its not like all the other media I consume is high art.  For me, as things work out, television draws the short straw.

And after last night, the time I spend on it has shrunk a bit more.

I quit watching Game of Thrones last season, not because of the multitude of problematic issues layered through each and every episode, issues that have been discussed in great detail over at GoTGifsandMusings/the cultural vacuum, even though that would have been a legitimate reason to quit watching.  No, I quit watching because I wanted an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, and after getting that for the most part for two fucking awesome seasons (1 &3), and two mostly enjoyable seasons (2&4), the show had become fan fiction, full stop.

If the almighty showrunners would have faithfully adapted (within reason, I never expected a word for word, scene for scene, character for character adaptation) the published material and then, after running out of published material, went off in their own direction, telling the rest of the story the way they saw fit, I would have more than likely given them much more benefit of the doubt.  But that’s not what they did.  What they did instead, right after spending two seasons bringing A Storm of Swords to the screen, was take Feast and Dance, combine them so they would burn quicker. set them ablaze, ignore just about everything that was in them, and change Game of Thrones from an adaptation to an originals scripted series.  There were many reasons to stop watching last season, but mine was simply the desire for something D&D were obviously no longer interested in providing.  I wanted an adaptation of G. R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, not Jaime and Bronn go to Brazil Dorne!

Why did I come back this year?  Mainly because as an ASOIAF nerd, I knew I’d be visiting sites that talk about the show so I wouldn’t be able to stay spoiler free anyway, and also because of the enjoyment I got last season from Kylie and Julia.  Yeah, 99% of my reasons for watching this season were snark related.  I also figured that they might have some enjoyable scenes I can project the book on to, and poor innocent naive me, believed it couldn’t get any worse than last season anyway.

Yeah, I was wrong.

I’m not going to list all the problems I had with last nights episode.  I’m not going to whine, bitch, and complain about it.  If anyone is interested, ask me and I’ll fill you in, but other than that, I’m just done.  I don’t even enjoy MST3King it anymore.

So yeah.  No more GoT posts.  Hopefully later this week I’ll snap out of my “OMG Trump is going to be President” funk and make a few posts.  At least they won’t be about horrid HBO shows.

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