True Believer, Pundit for Hire, or Poe, The Michael Savage Edition.

Some media personalities are so far out of the land of reality that you really have to start questioning their motivation.  I’ve mentioned my half joking theory that Victoria Jackson is actually a Poe before, but its not just washed up SNL actors who make you wonder, especially when you realize the type of education some of these people have received.  What actually lurks within the dark mind of say, Ann Coulter?  Does Megyn Kelly really give a flying fuck if Santa is Caucasian?  How do you rant against drug users endlessly while in the euphoric grip of Oxycontin?  The rise of the alt-right ads a layer to it all as well, as they often scream offensive things from the mountaintop, whether they believe it or not, because their goal is to offend, not convey information.  Scraping past Milo you reach the stage where you really have to start questioning the mental health of the media figure you are watching, to the point that you start hoping people will actually get help.  I’m willing to buy that Alex Jones is more than happy to put whatever crazy shit people will listen to on the air in a cynical, and highly successful, ploy to monetize conspiracy thinking, but I can’t help but worry about a good portion of his guests.  Of course, you never can see into any ones thoughts to know for sure what they believe.  We will never know, for example, if David Icke is a true believer in our lizard overlords, or if he had just found his flock of fools to fleece, unless it is the latter option and he happens to confess before he dies.

As you can tell from the title of this post, what got me thinking on the subject today is radio host and author Michael Savage, (not to be confused with the must read sex columnist of Savage Love for The Stranger and must listen to podcast host of The Savage Lovecast, Dan Savage, although I’m sure Dan wouldn’t mind if you sent Michael Savage some of your trickiest anal sex questions.) Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a post on the latest idiocy to escape Michael Savages mouth, quoting RightWingWatch I believe:

Michael Savage expressed outrage yesterdayoverreports that the Department of Homeland Security is trying to work with states to combat potential security risks, which the conservative radio host said amounts to “an absolute coup.”

He alleged that President Obama is addicted to criminal behavior much like a drug addict, describing him as “a man who is seeking a greater thrill to see what he can get away with next” who “has to escalate his crimes against America.”

Savage, a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, said that Obama administration officials “are basically telling us that if Trump wins, they’ll suspend the election because something is going to happen, or they’re going to take control of the election to make sure Trump can’t win.”

This is starting to reach the point where you can say something  similar to what Dawkins said about belief in evolution in many cases.  After the past 7 3/4 years in power, in spite of his dogged refusal to suspend the Constitution and declare himself Dictator in Chief/Anti-Christ along side his almost suicidal strategy of not grabbing up everyone’s guns while murdering hundreds of his supposed Muslim brothers in ISIS with remote controlled death bots, and surprisingly enough ordering the attack that killed his number 1 BFF from Islamic Terrorist School, the man he used to dance with in the clubs on the weekends, as their admirers chanted, “Go Bama, Go Sama, Go Bama, Go Sama, Obama, Osama, Obama, Osama, Death to America!”  Ahh, those were the days.  Anyway, Obama not only had to deal with memories such as that while ordering the strike on his old friend, but think of how much of an investment was lost by the Clinton Foundation in the raid?  They are so cold and calculating as they bring Sharia law to America/as they bring about the End Times/as they prepare us for war against the greys as cannon fodder for the lizard generals.

Don’t get me wrong here.  As Brad Friedman points out loudly and often over at The Brad Blog, the United State’s reliance on questionable voting systems such as touch screen machines or our instance on involving technology into the counting process with optical scan readers instead of the gold standard of hand counted paper ballots opens our elections up to all sorts of issues, from legitimate computer errors to outright fraud.  This isn’t that.  This isn’t an evidence based investigation into our election system, hell, this isn’t even a GOP lawmakers attempt to use the vanishingly rare threat of in person voter fraud to disenfranchise (surgically, I guess one could say) a specific group of voters who happen to rarely vote your way come election day.

This is a man claiming the current President of the United States is addicted to criminal behavior, possibly because of his race or religion (Islam, natch) if you read between the lines.  He is claiming that the President has to take his law breaking to higher and higher extremes as he searches for that high that comes from criming.  He says he has to “escalate his crimes against America,” which honestly terrifies me.  I mean, how could he ever top that time he confiscated every legally owned gun in America?  Or when he forced those straight Christian folks to give those Satanic priests blow jobs as part of the Super Bowl halftime show?  Who could forget the infamous lottery, where Obama’s obsession with equality saw those bastards at FEMA force straight people to get gay married until their was an equal number of straight and gay marriages in America.  We still live with echos from that lottery of course, with the illegality of divorce and the necessity for a married person to die before a new marriage can take place.  Just be happy they decided equality didn’t have to extend to the number of widows and widowers.  You should have seen the death squads that would have required.  Of course it would have saved a lot of Social Security, so you have to remember that everything is a trade off, but still.  That would have been a depressing government job.  I mean, unless they found people who enjoyed the work, just like they did with those Obamacare death panels.  Anyway, anytime we are discussing the crimes of Obama we have to remember Jade Helm 15…..<sniff>….never forget.  I never thought anything like that could happen in America, but every single time I look at a map I can see that the United States does indeed control the State of Texas.  Such a shocking development.  So many of us were just as surprised that day as we were when Obama declared that the National Day of Prayer would henceforth be National Day of Get Your Daughter a Mandatory Abortion and 4 Months of Contraception, enforced by armed members of Planned Parenthood with the license to kill for any girls over 9, in honor of the Prophet.  Escalating from those non-existent crimes means his next act has to be declare martial law/steal the election level shit.

I used to listen to Michael Savage a long time ago, before the days of podcasts, back when I drove for a living and only had an AM radio in my truck.  (As earlier stated, I now can listen to Dan Savage on demand.  Much better sex advice, believe me.)  He’s always been a bit out there, but he isn’t a stupid man.  At least, he didn’t seem like it.  I rarely agreed with him ,although I swear I remember an old episode where he raged about the idiocy of creationists and the obviousness of the evidence for evolution to any intelligent person.  I swear he kept pointing out his science degree and insisting that creationists made the conservative movement look stupid.  I so wish I would have recorded that episode, half to prove to me that I really heard it and to compare it to whatever he currently thinks about evolution.  It could help us figure out the question.

What question?  Why, the question of the title of course.  While one can never totally rule out the “Poe” option, as I’ve seen it suggested that Ann Coulter is a Poe, I personally think it would be extremely unlikely for any well known conservative pundit to actually be attempting satire.  Other than Victoria Jackson of course, who has totally been in character for the last 2o years non-stop.  I find it much easier to believe that this is simply Michael Savage’s flock to fleece, with the rise of Alex Jones forcing his conspiracies deeper into left field as we go.  After all, Jones has pretty much proven that their is no fence out there, that the conspiracy minded is willing to consider a fake massacre at an elementary school involving hired crisis actors portraying the grieving parents and (I guess?) the injured children a reasonable enough explanation for what happened in Newtown, Connecticut that some of them are willing to directly call mourning fathers liars.

So maybe Michael Savage is just claiming that Obama is a criminal who will use his executive power to keep Trump out of the office 90% of the People obviously want him to have, either by the installation of Hillary or by finally revealing his plan to become dictator in chief for a paycheck.  And as likely as I find that, I honestly have a hard time with people outright lying to their audience day after day after day, willfully spreading misinformation that is damaging our political system and our nation all for an extra few bucks.  How much of this does he believe?  How strong of a right wing echo chamber does he actually live within?  I wonder which is scarier:  that people are so insulated from reality that there is a large audience for this, or that there is absolutely no way to know if the pundit in question even believes in the damaging shit he is peddling?

Inquiring Minds, and Knowing is Half the Battle, and some such shit.


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