Foster Disbelief. Foster: v.t. to rear; to promote; to cherish. Disbelief: n. Refusal or reluctance to believe. My nom de guerre if you will.  My identity is easily found; I do not fear being “outed.”  I just like the name, and find it easier to post under the name I already use at other sites.  Also, with my past, I’d rather not have everything immediately linked to my real name via a quick google search.  If they care enough to dig deeper, I will proudly stand behind every word I write.

I’ve lived a life I would not wish upon anyone, and it was all of my own choosing.  I don’t claim to suffer from a disease that forced me to shove a needle into my arm.  Believe me, I didn’t need anyone to force me.  The 12 steps help some people get clean;  all they did for me was add more excuses to my list of reasons to keep getting high.  Atheism, skepticism, and a healthy dose of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allowed me to choose to stop getting high.  Now I just aim to fulfill some of the potential I spent my life pissing away.

What will you find here?  A view of the War on Drugs from a casualty of said war, atheism and skepticism from one who credits scientific naturalism with saving his life, discussions on psychology from a student hoping to one day do research for a living, commentary on idiots (creationists and anti-vaxxers), and a healthy dose of snark.

Comments here, when (if) they come, are more than welcome and will not be censored.  Spam and outright misogyny will however not be tolerated.  For what it’s worth, I fall on the Rebecca Watson/Ophelia Benson side of Elevatorgate.  I always welcome debate, but if your idea of debate is dropping the “C-bomb” and wishing rape upon someone, do not expect to stick around very long.  K?

Oh, and since the Anti-vax issue will be dealt with here, any members of Big Pharma who wish to pay me for my point of view, please get in touch.  I want my piece of the pie!  *rolleyes*

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