Getting to Know the Trip, Part One; Game On!

This is the first in a 17 part series examining the candidates for the 2016 GOP Presidential nominee, beginning with the participants in the August 6th “kid’s table” debate to avoid having them drop out of the race before being covered.  The purpose is to introduce these candidates from the point of view of an independently minded progressive.  I am not attempting to be unbiased in my writing.  It is far from a secret that I feel the current Republican party has went off the rails and that the thought of any of this field of candidates winning the White House terrifies me.  The mainstream media does its best to appear unbiased politically, perhaps due to the “liberal media” smear the right is so fond of, yet this coverage of politics as a sporting event is one of many problems crippling our democracy.  No, I’m not saying the media should favor Democrats or Republicans, just that it should favor fact over fiction. Pointing out a politicians lies is not a partisan attack, it is the media’s responsibility and one of the reasons freedom of the press is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.  Tell us the facts and leave the commentary for the opinion pages or segments.

Foster Disbelief is not a news source.  I have an ideological bent that is pretty impossible to ignore and I do not march in lockstep with any political party.  Since the mainstream media refuses to do its job I will be providing more than just commentary in this series.  I do make one promise.  I will not lie about any of these candidates.   If you notice that I have a fact about a candidate wrong, please let me know, either through a comment or email and I will fix the mistake.  This is for factual mistakes only.  If you disagree with my opinion, well, join the crowd.  And with that, Game On!

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