The Fourth Wave Crashes Sunday Listening Pleasure….

Out of all the music I listen to, (excepting K-pop) nothing gets me more grief than ska, especially ska punk.  Yes, I know that during the mid 90’s ska punk bands were crawling out of the woodwork and most of them were horrible.  I know some music critics claim that if you take horrible punk rock and add a trumpet and a sax you now have what is considered good ska punk.  And yes, ska punk bands do seem to have a habit of covering songs that should not be covered and turning them into monstrosities that make plunging an ice pick into your eardrum look like the sane choice.  (See Save Ferris covering Come On, Eileen as an example.  Hide the ice picks.  Not that only ska punk is guilty of this.  Anyone playing Goldfinger’s cover of 99 Luftballoons in my hearing radius is risking a broken Ipod.)

All that being said, some ska punk is really good.  And of the good ska punk bands, none are better than Streetlight Manifesto.  Good songwriting, an incredible live show, and lyrics that sometimes display a rationalist viewpoint, I’ve seen Streetlight 7 times now and have yet to be disappointed.  So let’s get a little bouncy for today’s listening pleasure!  (Videos after the jump)

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