Mitch McConnell Hearts The Violence Against Women Act, Can We Get a “Wait, What?!?”

Silly Republicans.  We’re not all as gullible as your average Fox News viewer.

Senate Minority leader Mitch “I love filibusters so much, I filibustered my own bill” McConnell, famous for performing, in the words of Lawrence O’Donnell, “the most idiotic thing any minority leader has ever done on the Senate floor,”and the man I would most like to see sitting across a poker table from me, is up for re-election, and like all Republicans Senator Mitch has a women problem.  Funny how waging a war against the 50.8% of the nation with vaginas leads to a little backlash against your party, isn’t it?  Senator Mitch is dealing with the problem with the time tested method of gathering a few token members of the population together into a group in your favor.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Women For Team Mitch”, an event held on Friday where press packets featuring testimonials from Kentucky women.  I know, I guess some women want government inside their vaginas.  Weird, isn’t it?  And a bit kinky.  Maybe it is a side effect of the whole “Fifty Shades….” craze.  Think again, ladies.  From what I hear, the GOP ignores the safe word.

One of these testimonials caught the eye of an alert reporter for the Louisville-based LEO Weekly, Joe Sonka, who posted it on Twitter.  Let’s turn to TPM for the rest of the story:

The quote, attributed to a woman named Angela Leet in Jefferson County, read, “Mitch was the co-sponsor of the original Violence Against Women Act- and continues to advocate for stronger policies to protect women. I am proud to call him my senator.”

Wow.  I didn’t know Mitch was such a crusader for women’s rights.  What a stand up guy.  See, not all Republi…wait a second here.  This is Mitch McConnell, right?

McConnell did cosponsor a version of the Violence Against Woman Act in 1991, which never received a Senate vote. But by the time the measure came up again in 1993, McConnell was no longer a cosponsor, and in fact voted against final passage of the bill. In 2005, it was renewed by an unrecorded voice vote. In 2012, McConnell voted against the Senate-passed VAWA, which died in the House. Then early in 2013, he again voted against VAWA re-authorization, which passed the Senate by a vote of 78-22, and eventually passed the House and was signed into law.

Wait, What?!?  A member of the Republican party, a member in a leadership position, engaging in deception?  Say it isn’t so!  I wonder what Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes would say about this if she found out?   Would she ovary up and call him a lying liar who lies?

“The women of Kentucky will not be fooled by Senator McConnell’s failed leadership and deception when it comes to issues important to women and their families,” Grimes spokeswoman Charly Norton told TPM. “His actions read loud and clear: McConnell repeatedly voted against equal pay for equal work, the Violence Against Women Act and now turns to lies to cover his shameful record.”

Hmmm.  Not as pithy as “lying liar who lies,” but close enough.


For Your Sunday Listening Pleasure….

To celebrate the GOP War on Women 2012 this Sunday’s musical selections will be 100% woman powered.  I’m thinking some Sleater-Kinney is called for.

First, #1 Must Have.  This clip is from the old show “Trackers” on Oxygen.  If you ever watched the show, you will probably realize that this song choice was deliberate, since the lyrics deal with fluffy fake girl power crap like the show “Trackers.”  Song starts at the 1:15 mark if you can’t sit through the hosts idiocy.

Bearer of the flag from the beginning
Now who would have believed this riot grrrl’s a cynic
But they took our ideas to their marketing stars
and now i’m spending all my days at
Trying to buy back a little piece of me
(Everywhere you go they say “Hello,
weren’t you the one that sold your soul?”
Every time you leave the say “Oh no,
why did you ever let us go?”)

And i think that I sometimes might have wished
for something more than to be a size six
But now my inspiration rests
in-between my beauty magazines and my
credit card bills

I’ve been crawling up so long on your
stairway to heaven
And now i no longer believe that i wanna get in
And will there always be concerts where
women are raped
watch me make up my mind instead
of my face

The number one must have is
that we are safe
(Everywhere you go teenage
is the rage
inside your pants
and on the front page
Everywhere you go it’s die or be born
if you can’t decide then
it’s your own war)

No more
and for the ladies out there i wish
we could write more than the next
marketing bid
Culture is what we make it
yes it is
now is the time
to invent

Youth Decay  simply because it is my favorite Sleater-Kinney song.

“Acid tooth
It’s got nothing to do with you
but if you wanna watch me chew
my teeth are cutting you out

Well it must be in your head
It must be something that you did
Food just doesn’t seem to work out
Am I rotting out?

Daddy says I got my mama’s mouth
I’m all about
a forked tongue and a dirty house
Mom has said
yes this happened to me long ago
and if you’ve got the same hurting oh
But no one would believe me when i said:

Close my mouth
Was I born to accommodate
I’m so good at playing dead
words just don’t seem to come out
Should I eat something sweet instead
wash away all those things we said
how many doctors will it take
Oooh Oooh befoe i disintegrate”


I spend the afternoon in cars
I sit in traffic jams for hours
Don’t push me
I am not ok

The sky is blue most every day
The lemons grow like tumors
They are tiny suns
Infused with sour

Lonely as a cloud
In the Golden State
“The coldest winter that I ever saw
Was the summer that I spent…”

The only substance is the fog
And it hides all that has gone wrong
Can’t see a thing
Inside the maze

There is a bridge adored and famed
The Golden spine of engineering
Whose back is heavy
With my weight

Lonely as a cloud
In the Golden State
“The coldest winter that I ever saw
Was the summer that I spent…”

Be still this old heart
Be still this old skin
Drink you last drink
Sin your last sin
Sing your last song
About the beginning
Sing your song loud
So the people can hear
Let’s Go

Be still this sad day
Be still this sad year
Hope your last hope
Fear your last fear
You’re not the only one
You’re not the only one
You’re not the only one
You’re not the only one
Let’s Go

My falling shape will draw a line
Between the blue of sea and sky
I’m not a bird
I’m not a plane

I took a taxi to the Gate
I will not go to school again
Four seconds was
The longest wait

Four seconds was
the longest wait. [4x]

And You’re No Rock and Roll Fun to end on a happy, bouncy note.


More tunes next Sunday.