More Anti-Intellectualism in Advertising? Never, Not in America!

Continuing the grand tradition here at Foster Disbelief of highlighting especially idiotic television commercials/ ad campaigns, which began way back in October of 2014 with this take down of Toyota’s “Bold” campaign for their Camry, then continued recently with Cracker Barrel’s anti-intellectual ad for mac and cheese, I give you “No Debate” for the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

At least the Cracker Barrel spot was kind of amusing?  I don’t get this at all.  I mean, I guess that guy is famous for something, and his fans might enjoy seeing him in a commercial?  And it is funny when he interrupts the debate?  I mean, “NERDS!!!!”, amirite?  And then the girl is the one to slap the notes out of the boys hand at the end, which is supposed to be hilarious because the girl is bullying the boy dork instead of the opposite?

Sure makes me want to buy a Dodge.


Future headline:  “Dodge Stock Soars As Trump Supporters Flock To Buy Challengers and Chargers.”

Would You Like Some Anti-Intellectualism With Your Mac & Cheese?

Anyone see the new commercial for Cracker Barrel?  I’d love to post it here, but I’ve yet to find a copy of it online.  As soon as I do, I’ll update this post.

Edit!!!! If you want to see the ad in question and hear the spokesperson’s grating voice, here you go.

If you’ve seen the commercial, then I’m sure you get the title of the post.  If not, here is a quick run down of the spot:

An annoying looking (and sounding) man appears on the screen holding a small trophy filled with mac and cheese.  He starts complaining about how society has gone insane and now gives out awards for everything, no matter how meaningless.  He’s suddenly standing in the center of a bowling lane as he mocks awards for rolling balls.  Then he transports to what appears to be the stage in a school auditorium with a girl in the background spelling a word.  He mocks awards for spelling words that no one ever uses, before snidely telling the contestant something along the lines of “we get it, you’re smart.”  Boom, he is now in front of a large chalk board filled with complex mathematical formulas as he mocks awards for scientific theories.  Looking into the camera, he oh so wittily says “I’ve got a theory.  No one cares.”  (That may not be exact.)  Then, as the time allotment for the commercial is almost up, he moves on to an award worth caring about. You know, the award Cracker Barrel won for its cheddar cheese, I guess?  The irritating spokesidiot gobbles up the mac and cheese out of the trophy as some words about Cracker Barrel’s fantastic mac and cheese are uttered, ending with an image of the box you can use to make this delicacy yourself at home.


Am I just being a curmudgeon?  Probably.  Am I missing the joke the commercial intends?  Possibly.  What I know is that the United States is currently going through a phase of anti-intellectualism, rife with science denial from both the left and the right, along side a vocal segment of the Christian right who insist on demonizing higher education, even as women fight for their right to an education not only in Muslim controlled nations, but also those unlucky enough to be born into certain Christian sects right here in the US.  (Yeah, those Duggar girls really had the opportunity to get as much education as they wanted, didn’t they?)  Something tells me that the target audience for this ad is meant to be nodding right along.  “Bah. Scientific theories.  Who cares!”


It’s what’s for dinner.