A Quick Question

Greetings all.

Working third shift now gives me the opportunity to listen to podcasts at work for about 16 hours a week.   Since I also listen to podcasts while commuting and while walking my dog, I find that I am starting to run out of listening materials.

Currently, I listen to The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, Reasonable Doubts, RH Reality Check, Skeptoid, WPRR’s Reality Check, Liberal Oasis, The Professional Left, Skeptically Speaking, Monster Talk, Astronomy Cast, Point of Inquiry, Quackcast (the real Quackcast with Mark Crislip), Cognitive Dissonance, and Sky and Telescopes monthly sky tour.

I know about Skepticality, I just don’t really like it for some reason. (I will admit that I haven’t listened to it in years, so if it changed, let me know…)  I’ve also listened to most of the atheist podcasts I could find, and well.  They aren’t on the list of what I listen to, so…  I do listen to Robert Price’s The Bible Geek from time to time as well.

Any favorites that I am missing?  Progressive podcasts better than Liberal Oasis and Professional Left? (Which are the weak links on my list, I just haven’t found anything better.)

I’d really like to find some more science/skepticism podcasts like the Quackcast and Monster Talk, but I’m willing to give any suggestions a listen.