Toyota’s New Camry Ad Campaign Raises Questions.

Can someone please explain the new “Bold” advertising campaign for the Toyota Camry?  For those who avoid TV, here are links to the two I’m talking about:

B.B. King Guitar and Bride Breakout.

From watching these ads, the message seems to be that people who buy Camry’s are overtaken by the desire to do really stupid things.  In the B.B. King commercial, the Camry owner buys a storage locker at auction.  Now I’m not going to tell you that Storage Wars is fake, but I will simply mention that if you believe “reality” television is actually “reality” then perhaps you need to take your bullshit detector in for a tune up.  Buying storage lockers at auction is possibly profitable, but a highly risky business choice. Happening on an actual B.B. King guitar in an auction locker is pretty much akin to winning the lottery.  Is that the next commercial?  “Bold” Camry owner buys Powerball ticket.  Hits the jackpot.  Drives away.

The Bride Breakout commercial is worse.  In this one, the “Bold” Camry owner crashes a wedding to express his undying love for the bride to be.  Of course, being a commercial, the bride is actually thankful, running off with her “true love” the Camry own…sorry, the “Bold” Camry owner, with an actual car chase between the Camry and the car decorated for the soon to be married couple.  While the car chase is ended by two adorable dogs, the commercial still raises several questions.   First off, why is the runaway bride being chased after?  Was she taking part in a shotgun wedding?  Was this one of those mandatory “Gay” marriages the religious right is always warning us about?  Second, why was this bride still going through with the wedding if she was that willing to skip out on it?  Death do us part, indeed.  Next, how long did they plan this breakout in order to train those dogs to cut off the pursuing cars?  Perhaps most importantly, has this ever worked in the modern history of marriage?  This is a plot device for a bad rom-com.  Actually carrying out this plan is much more likely to cost the “Bold” Camry owner the friendship of the bride to be, and possible a restraining order.  Seriously, you show up on her wedding day and in front of all her friends and family, decide to cause a scene by interrupting the ceremony to pledge your undying love to the person about to get fucking married to someone else? But what does the “Bold” Camry owner care?  Obviously her friendship wasn’t enough for him.  She must have, ick, “friend zoned” him, and she was just waiting for that grand romantic/psychotic gesture to drop her panties for him, since we all know those silly women folk never know what they want.  *headdesk*

Camry.  The car for reckless idiots.