Well Tom, I’d Say It Has Been Fun, But We’d Both Know I Was Lying. (Like You Did. All Campaign Long.)

“Esteemed” Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Corbett became the first Pennsylvanian Governor in modern history to lose his bid for re-election yesterday.



Ya know, typing that sentence felt so damn good that I refuse to ruin my mood by talking about the rest of the expected, yet still insane, results of this mid-term election.  (Brownbeck?  Again?  Really Kansas?)  So instead, I will just wish I lived in Oregon or Alaska, where I would be well on my way to legally being able to smoke a celebratory joint.  (I’d add Washington, D.C. in as well, but we all know citizens of D.C. don’t have actual rights like the rest of us and are only counting the days until the federal government tells them that it doesn’t matter what they voted for, Congress knows best.)  (Which may be the most frightening possible statement with the make up of the incoming Congress.)

So get off of my cloud.  I’ll be back tomorrow to deal with the hangover.

(Hangover preview?  The head of the committee on the Environment is going to be possibly the most strident climate change denialist in Congress.  Happy days.)